Summer Weddings Never Looked So Good Than With These 10 Garden Roses

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Oh how we love summer. The most sophisticated and beautifully created garden roses start to take over every wedding, bouquet, and floral arrangement because their figures stun. They stun the eye and the heart, creating an atmosphere that looks straight out of a tale. Summer weddings, coming in with all their splendor, welcome the favorite season of the year for many by adorning their spaces and bouquets with the loveliest garden roses by Alexandra Farms. Here’s a list of the top 10 garden roses to have at your wedding or wedding bouquets and arrangements if you’re getting married this season (or give your bridal bff the idea of using them in her decoration)!

Summer Weddings and Garden Roses by Alexandra Farms Are the Perfect Match

As summer approaches, the season of weddings is just around the corner, bringing with it the promise of sunlit ceremonies, joyous celebrations, and stunning floral arrangements. For those looking to adorn their special day with the finest garden roses, Alexandra Farms stands ready to fulfill every floral wedding dream. Renowned for their top-quality flowers, their garden rose assortment has proven to elevate any wedding event, space, and especially wedding arrangements and special bridal bouquets. Your summer wedding will be nothing short of extraordinary when having these charmers around. Here are 10 varieties that will take any wedding to new heights.

1. Rose Patience (Auspastor)

Rose Patience is a stunning English rose known for its creamy white petals that open into a large, ruffled shape. This garden rose has the most pronounced perfume and seduces with its intense and clean antique rose fragrance with a touch of lemon. Its numerous lace-shaped petals open to reveal a cream-colored center, with a faint touch of pale yellow. She has become a wedding classic, as her sculptural beauty is the definition of elegance and romanticism, seducing with its intense and clean aroma of Old Rose with a touch of lemon. If you’re a bride looking for the perfect rose for your bridal bouquet, Rose Patience could be it!


White Rose Patience (Auspastor) paired with Rose Effie (yellow) for a wedding decoration


Rose Patience

Rose Patience (Auspastor) used for wedding centertables


2. Rose Keira (Ausboxer)

For those brides who like a little bit of softness in their color palette, adding Keira garden roses to a bouquet or venue will result in a spectacular look and feel. Rose Keira is a vintage beauty with soft pink petals that blend into cream at the edges. Each rose is unique, giving a natural, garden-grown feel. These roses are ideal for creating a classic, sophisticated look in both bouquets and centerpieces as well, so you might consider her a win-win for weddings.


Wedding bouquet using Rose Keira and Rose Constance

Wedding bouquet using Rose Keira (Ausboxer) in a pinkish tone and Rose Constance


Bouquet using Rose Keira by Alexandra Farms

Bouquet using Rose Keira (Ausboxer)


3. Rose Juliet (Ausjameson)

Rose Juliet is one of the most iconic garden roses, known for its peachy apricot color and large, cup-shaped petals. It is one of the world’s signature flowers and all-time faves for weddings. This rose owes her worldwide fame to both her characteristic luminous peach color and her distinctive shape. Although her fragrance is elusive, her style and refinement will ensure that she remains the iconic heroine of any wedding. How could you not adore her?


Wedding flower arrangement using Rose Juliet
A magnificent wedding flower arrangement using Rose Juliet (Ausjameson)


Rose Juliet in a floral centertable

Rose Juliet (Ausjameson) mixed with Rose Constance, Rose Edith, and Rose Miranda


4. Rose Princess Miyuki (First Snow)

Hence its name, Rose Princess Miyuki is to make a princess statement at any wedding. Let it be summer, spring, autumn, or winter, this garden rose will always make a great presence. Bathed in a white tonality, this rose shows off elegance and grace. Its large, peony-like petals are fragrant with a hint of sweet citrus. This rose variety is perfect for creating a crisp, clean aesthetic, making it a popular choice for modern and traditional weddings alike.


Rose Princess Miyuki design by Shallima Turizo
A stunning white wedding design by Shallima Turizo using Rose Princess Miyuki (First Snow)


5. Rose Romantic Antike

The velvety petals and mild fragrance of Rose Romantic Antike evoke a sense of old-world charm. She looks like she could be taken straight out of an old Dutch Masters painting, with extra-large flower heads in muted pink that tend toward salmon pink in the center. She has a light lavender scent and a lot of romantic associations in addition to offering high impact and high value. These roses are perfect for vintage-themed weddings, adding a touch of history and romance to the decor.


Wedding barrel decor using Romantic Antike roses

Wedding barrel decor idea using Romantic Antike roses among other flowers


Wedding cake with Rose Romantic Antike
A wedding cake adorned with Rose Romantic Antike
Photo: @ruby.bloom


6. Rose Miyabi Brown

Rose Miyabi Brown has pale-pink outer petals, edged in a more vivid pink, and her center petals disclose a creamy, buttery tan. Packed inside with innumerable pleated petals, Miyabi Brown opens all the way to form a spreading rosette more than five inches wide. This garden rose is an expert at creating a warm color palette and overall aesthetic when added to any space. Her petals and soft fragrance make it a standout choice for boho-chic and rustic weddings. These garden roses are also a great choice when looking to add depth and character to any floral arrangement.


Wedding centertable by Shallima using Miyabi Brown


Romantic wedding decor using Rose Miyabi Brown and Miyabi


7. Rose White Cloud

With its many bone-white petals held inside a deep cup and quartered in the middle, Rose White Cloud is a striking flower to use, especially in weddings. In almost every aspect, this flower is the prototype of an old garden rose. They emit a light, fresh fragrance, making them ideal for summer weddings.


Rose White Cloud

Rose White Cloud


8. Rose White O’Hara

Rose White O’Hara roses are luxurious with their creamy white petals and hints of blush pink at the center. These large, fragrant roses have a delightful scent reminiscent of gardenias and jasmine. These roses bring a sense of refinement to wedding arrangements, perfect for a classic, elegant affair. White O’Hara is undoubtedly the most widely grown and loved white wedding rose!


Wedding bouquet using Rose White O Hara
White O’Hara


9. Rose Princess Hitomi (Beautiful History)

To make a wedding celebration or bouquet even more special, Rose Princess Hitomi (Beautiful History) is ready to make the bride blush with its gorgeous pink color. It is a large garden rose with a seductive but not overpowering fragrance of lavender and is well-known for its pure color, a cotton-candy blush pink. Because her color is so even, it brings to the fore delicious contrasts in the form of her petals. A wedding favorite? You bet!


Rose Princess Hitomi pink
Floral design using Rose Princess Hitomi by Shallima Turizo


10. Rose Tsumugi

Rose Tsumugi is the 10th garden rose wedding favorite because, with layers of soft, blush pink petals that fade to white at the edges, brides have come to love it. It has a light sweet fragrance that characterizes it. Tsumugi garden roses are perfect for creating a dreamy, romantic atmosphere, making them a top choice for summer weddings.


Rose Tsumugi for weddings

Rose Tsumugi


Although there are many preferences when it comes to flower size, color, and shapes for weddings, these ten garden roses offer the perfect blend of beauty paired with pleasant fragrances, making them perfect for ‘I do’ decor and ceremonies.


Photos by @alexandrafarms

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