Stephanie Lynton Puts a Twist on Tradition

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When it comes to holiday decorations, it’s hard to go wrong with simple red, green, and white. After all, who doesn’t love fresh green garlands with red berries and sprigs of mistletoe?

While Stephanie enjoys decorating with these classic seasonal colors, she’s not afraid to use her imagination to change things up. Whether she chooses a vintage, hot-pink tree from the 1960s or blue-and-white pottery loaded with red blooms, the designer is a proponent of playful creativity and not taking oneself too seriously. “Start by looking at your own home and experimenting with colors that are already part of your décor,” she says.

Although the designer is known for mixing colors and themes from room to room, she also understands the virtues of simplicity. If that’s what you prefer, she says to “pick one thing, do lots of it, and spread it throughout the house. Then it’s cohesive and easy yet still makes a statement.”

Stephanie also suggests finding inspiration by observing the holiday traditions of other cultures, such as the Dutch use of Delft Blue porcelain.

Organization is the key to stress-free entertaining. Stephanie advises ordering things like flowers 60 to 90 days in advance. “You will be glad you planned ahead,” she says. “That takes so much worry off of you.”

Another tip? Mix real and artificial greenery. The latter can be used year after year and is a lifesaver for family members who suffer from cedar allergies.

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