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Soon, the Netherlands will be the center of horticulture again as the FlowerTrials and the GreenTech will be held concurrently. The FlowerTrials will take place from June 11-14 at several locations in the Netherlands and at some locations in Germany, and the GreentTech will be held from June 11-13 in Amsterdam. At both events, breeders and suppliers will do their utmost best to present their products to the industry.

This Special will be all about introductions, exhibitors, novelties, and several other events that will be held concurrently. You can send a press release to [email protected], or you can contact our editorial staff about writing an article. If you want your company to be featured in this Special, every day of this month it is possible to place a banner.

Also, on HortiDaily and our Dutch newsletters, Groentennieuws and Bloemenplantennieuws, the articles will be published (after translation).

Click here to register your visit to the FlowerTrials.

Click here to register your visit to the GreenTech.

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