Something Old and Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue

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Acacia Studio recently pulled off a breathtaking photoshoot featuring a floral umbrella, a fresh and imaginative spin on the classic “something blue” wedding sentiment. Inspired by the familiar rhyme —  “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” — the team crafted a unique floral accessory that perfectly embodies the tradition’s timeless charm while giving it a modern twist.

The Tradition Lives On

Despite some traditional wedding customs falling out of favor over time, like the once-popular bouquet toss, the “something blue” sentiment remains a cornerstone in many Western weddings. The rhyme has appeared in English literature since the 1870s, famously referenced in Mary Greenleaf Darling’s book, Battles at Home. In the story, a girl tells her sister that before marrying a wounded soldier, she must tuck a blue bow into her dress:

“Brides, you know, must always wear ‘something old and something new, something borrowed and something blue;’ so I found this bow of mine at the last moment, and we can each wear it in turn after you, Sue,” she says.

Over the years, blue has come to symbolize love, purity, faithfulness, and modesty, inspiring countless brides to incorporate the hue into their wedding attire. Popular ‘blue’ accessories include jewelry, garters, hairpieces, and even blue-soled shoes.


A New Spin on Something Blue

Acacia Studio decided to take the concept a step further. Commissioned by photographer Claudia Harrison of Cherished by Claudia, they went all out with their creative vision, creating a floral umbrella as a statement “something blue” piece. Designed to complement wedding dresses by designer Rara Avis, the umbrella combines dried and fresh florals in varying shades of blue for a stunning impression.

The result is an umbrella that encapsulates the romantic whimsy and elegance of the tradition while offering a fresh, modern perspective. This unique accessory seamlessly blends contemporary flair with classic sentimentality, proving that old traditions can still feel relevant in the ever-evolving wedding landscape.


The Renaissance at Kelham Hall umbrella model


Behind the Scenes: Crafting the Floral Umbrella

Creating the floral umbrella was no small feat. Acacia Studio, led by its founder and head florist, spent countless hours handcrafting this masterpiece using a curated selection of blooms. They incorporated a variety of natural and dyed blue flowers and foliage, such as Aapsragus, Gypsophila, and Delphinium.

The creative vision for this project was to capture the spirit of “something blue” in a way that resonates with modern brides. The location for the photoshoot was The Renaissance at Kelham Hall, UK. Photographer Claudia Harrison ensured the floral umbrella stood out as the focal point in each frame, complementing Rara Avis’s ethereal wedding dresses with an eye-catching flair.

In each shot, the umbrella adds a whimsical touch, whether it’s held overhead like a traditional parasol or draped elegantly over the bride’s arm. The contrasting textures and tones of the blooms create an unmistakable visual impact, highlighting the beauty of the floral arrangement and the significance of the tradition it represents.


Why This Matters: A Celebration of Tradition and Creativity

Acacia Studio’s floral umbrella reimagines a beloved tradition in a way that’s both artistic and meaningful. By focusing on the timeless sentiment of “something blue,” they’ve crafted an accessory that bridges the gap between old and new, tradition and innovation.

For florists and wedding planners, this project serves as a reminder of the importance of creativity in designing wedding accessories. It showcases how a simple concept can be elevated into something extraordinary with thoughtful design and a bit of imagination.


The Renaissance at Kelham Hall floral umbrella model


Bringing “Something Blue” to Your Next Wedding

While not every bride may opt for a floral umbrella, Acacia Studio’s creation inspires us to rethink how we incorporate “something blue” into wedding day celebrations. Here are a few ideas for florists and planners looking to offer their clients a modern take on the tradition:

Floral Crowns: Blue floral crowns can add a subtle yet striking “something blue” for boho brides.
Bouquet Accents: Incorporate blue flowers like delphiniums, hydrangeas, or cornflowers into bouquets for a fresh twist.
Bridal Cape: Create a floral cape or shoulder piece with blue blooms for an ethereal look.
Floral Jewelry: Floral bracelets or necklaces with blue flowers can be a beautiful addition to bridal attire.
Groom’s Lapel: Don’t forget the groom! Blue boutonnieres or lapel flowers can be a dapper nod to the tradition.
At the end of the day, the “something blue” tradition is about bringing a bit of luck, love, and joy to the wedding day. And with the right creativity, florists can help couples celebrate this sentiment in style.


Credits: All photos by @CherishedPhotographyByClaudia, Hair: @jreeves_hair, Jewellery: @jengilbertbridal, Makeup: @lizzybrownemakeup, Gowns: @pearlandevebridal supplying @raraavis_group, Florals: @acaciacreativestudio, Venue: @renaissance_kelham, Model: @sarah_louise_modelling.

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