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Shallima Turizo Dancur is a celebrated floral designer from Colombia gaining recognition in the Latam flower industry. And abroad. As an influencer and Brand Partnership Manager at Thursd, Shallima specializes in helping breeders, growers, and traders in Latam with different offerings. Read why top flower farms and other floriculture companies are inviting Shallima Turizo Dancur.

Shallima Turizo Dancur on Thursd.

With over a decade of experience, Shallima is renowned for her innovative approach to floral design. Her work at Lottas Floral Studio, which she founded, highlights her commitment to quality and creativity. She is known for adopting new breeder varieties of flowers, reflecting her dedication to innovation in the field.

Now, this dedication in the field comes to fruition for breeders and growers alike. Through regular farm visits, engaging content creation, and active engagement with both local and international audiences, Shallima aims to foster a deeper global appreciation for the flower industry. Shallima’s collaboration with Thursd has introduced several engaging and valuable offerings for breeders, growers, and the broader floral community.


Colombia Influencer Farm Visit Shallima


The Different Offerings by Shallima

The flower community should anticipate interesting social content, articles on Thursd, and floral projects. Shallima visits the flower fields, greenhouses, and offices to highlight what’s happening. Showing the products, and the people, doing an interview, making viral content, etc. She even hosts workshops for farm staff to learn and apply modern floral design techniques.

  • Photography and Videography

    You get images and videos that can be used for all your communications. Whether it is for your socials or print, all images are royalty-free, and for you.

    Reels and images are shared on Shallima’s Instagram channel and Thursd socials so that they will be spread widely. And have the potential to go viral.

  • Blogger Stories

    In the ‘Blogger Stories’ that are published on bloggers like Shallima share stories about trends, art, and designs, but also about products and services offered by you.

    Shallima creates stories with high-quality photos that are shared on, Thursd socials, and in the Thursd newsletters. Shallima also shares it on her channels.

    A huge global reach as never seen before.

  • Floral Design and Installations:

    In Impactful images or videos, Shallima shows designs that display the use of varieties in modern floral design for commercial use.

    Shallima also creates floral installations or specific designs that can be used for fairs, open houses, or other events. Nurtured for intended strategies that are aligned with new trends. 

    Another service is the ‘Floral Workshop Training’, especially for internal staff on the farm. This Shallima has done at a few farms already and the concept had great successes.


Farm visits Colombia


Shallima’s Impact on the Floral Community

Shallima’s partnership with Thursd aims to amplify the visibility of Latam floral businesses and foster a global appreciation for the industry. Her work not only highlights the beauty of floral designs but also celebrates the people and stories behind the flowers. This collaboration is expected to bring a surge of inspiring content and significant initiatives that benefit the entire floral community.

Shallima Turizo Dancur on Thursd.For more information about Shallima Turizo Dancur and her offerings, send her an email, and explore the myriad of ways you can enhance your floral business through her expertise and creative vision.

Are you interested to see the keynote of her offerings? Download the ‘Thursd Influencer Shallima’-PDF here.

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