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Edens Plants & Creations was looking for a solution to collect and disclose all cultivation registrations in one convenient place. In Log & Solve, the Gelderland – family company of the year 2022 from the Netherlands – found the platform on which both the cultivation data could be registered and the way to use sensors to keep an eye on critical processes.

Harry van den Bosch using Log & Solve

At Edens Plants & Creations they have experience in growing plants, and for no less than 25 years the company has been working on breeding garden plants. For the past two years, the years of experience have been complemented by the use of 24 cultivation sensors and a dashboard to steer the cultivation method in terms of results. ” The fine cooperation with Log & Solve and the active helpdesk ensure that the process is streamlined.”

Innovative research
According to the company, a passionate team works to propagate 8 million plants every year. At the end of 2021, Christiaan and Henrik Rietberg joined the family business as the third generation to introduce Log & Solve. Even before that, the brothers pursued innovative research projects in both nursery and breeding. To properly monitor the approach, development and quality of the research projects, the Log & Solve cultivation dashboard was deployed.

Optimal operations
Harry van den Bosch uses Log & Solve intensively together with a fellow cultivation employee in the greenhouses and outdoors. Both take care of most of the registrations. Harry on his experience: ‘We started using Log & Solve so that we could log all our cultivation steps, diseases and pests of crops and crops properly and easily in a central place. Because we have been doing this for quite some time now, we can also see differences in crops compared to last season. It is great that we can log signals via our phone on the dashboard and that we can also immediately link someone to it who is alerted to take action. As a result, we optimize operations and process and decisions are in one place.’

Steering by measurements
‘For each crop, we have established at what point the plant is ready for sale. In addition, we have an order planning. Through our fortnightly plant measurement, we can measure the crop against the known averages and also see whether we need to adjust our cultivation method to have the right volume in the right size on time,’ Harry further explains. In this way, the Calluna, Erica, Daboecia, Hebe and Conifers leave the Edens Plants & Creations nursery at the right time and according to the desired criteria.

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