Semi-closed plastic greenhouse present at Greentech

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At the next edition of GreenTech Amsterdam 2024, J. Huete Greenhouses will present one of its most recent innovations: a semi-closed plastic greenhouse. According to J. Huete Greenhouses, this new model, known as Opticlima, is designed to offer the same advantages of semi-closed glass greenhouses, but with a significantly lower investment and a faster return.

The Opticlima model by J. Huete Greenhouses is presented as an advanced installation that combines high technology and efficiency. This semi-closed plastic greenhouse uses equipment in the characteristic annex corridor to improve growing conditions and prevent the appearance of pests, maintaining the appropriate temperature both in countries with arid and dry climates, as well as in countries with cold climates.

The semi-closed design of the Opticlima thus aims to minimize temperature variations and allows for efficient distribution of cooling and heating from the adjacent hallway. This should translate into better efficiency and better results.

In addition, the plastic semi-enclosure can incorporate some other technological features to improve cultivation efficiency, such as climate control software, overpressure to keep pests out of the greenhouse; ventilation that adjusts its speed automatically; and sleeves designed to adapt to the crop position, flow rate and pressure required, playing a crucial role in CO2 distribution.

“This is precisely one of the great advantages over traditional cooling systems, since this model allows long greenhouses to be cooled better, since it does not have the usual limitation of the pad&fan, that is, the wet panels and extractors cannot be more than 40m away”, the team says. “Semi-closed plastic greenhouses are an efficient and effective solution for agriculture in any type of climate. The ability to control climate conditions, distribute CO2 and cooling/heating evenly, and the energy efficiency of our Opticlima model make these greenhouses the ideal choice for maximizing crop yields in challenging environments.”

In addition, the Opticlima is suitable for any type of crop, improving disease prevention through air filters that block spores, microorganisms and bacteria. “It maintains the appropriate temperature and reduces humidity and thermal differences, promoting optimal plant development,” says the J. Huete Greenhouses team.

The company will be present at Greentech Amsterdam,June 11 and 13 at stand 01.418.
Part of its team of commercial and technical agents it will show the benefits of the semi-closed plastic model in modern protected agriculture, as well as to answer questions for visitors who show interest.

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