Secrets to Radiant-Looking Gerberas? Here Are the Essential Tips

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Gerbera daisies are a popular choice for their bright, cheerful appearance, but keeping them fresh can be tricky sometimes, but worry no more as Chrysal is always here to offer the best tips and tricks when it comes to the best flower care. From selecting the best flowers to ensuring they stay fresh for longer, they’ll tell you everything you need to know whether you’re a florist, grower, or consumer. Learn how to properly hydrate your gerberas, the best ways to cut and arrange them, and how to maintain their diverting and engrossing look (especially for a flourishing summer!)

Curiosity Piqued? Here Are The Best Care Tips for Your Lovely Gerbera Flowers

Imagine gerberas that stay perky and fresh for days on end—Chrysal’s got the secrets. From picking the perfect flowers to keeping them in tip-top shape, the tips they provide are easy to follow. It’s time to make every one of these beauties showstoppers, whether in a bouquet for a dear friend or a colorful, fresh arrangement to decorate your spaces. PS: You’ll notice the difference yourself when you start taking appropriate care of your flowers.


Bright yellow gerberas used as decoration for the summer


If you’re going to be spending on something this summer, why not make it on flowers and summer sun? But first, let’s talk about the flowers, (gerbera daisies specifically) when it comes to care tips for consumers.


A pink gerbera bouquet
Photo: @gerbera.united


The gerbera causes a joyful presence in any space and many already know that! Because of this flower’s colors and playful shapes, they complement any interior and occasion, so you can never go wrong. Were you aware that the Netherlands produces around 900 million Gerberas each year? These come in 600 different varieties, each with its shape, color, and size.


A bright colorful gerbera bouquet
Photo: @gerbera.united


To say they’re popular would be an understatement. Gerberas make the ideal bouquet, especially when combined in different colors and arranged at different heights. A playful effect can also be achieved by arranging them in a series of loosely linked small vases. How to care for them? Here are a few tips.


Happy girl with gerbera bouquet
Photo: @gerbera.united


Gerberas in a floral arrangement with other flowers
Photo: @summit_gerbera


  • Make sure that the vase is nice and clean, fill it with water, and use cut flower food.
  • Trim the stems diagonally.
  • As Gerberas are sensitive to contamination, it is extra important to use a clean vase, preferably made of glass.
  • Gerberas don’t need a lot of water: half a liter of water with a 0.5-liter Chrysal Paper Sachet Flower Food sachet or Professional 3 gives the best result for a single bouquet of them. This increases the vase life by 60% compared to water alone. And with their Paper Sachet, you have sustainable packaging that includes their new bio-based formula.
  • Keep flowers away from draft, heat, and direct sunlight.
  • Place the vase in a quite cool spot.


Spider gerberas in an arrangement
‘Spider’ gerberas nicely arranged in a floral piece for indoor spaces
Photo: @gerbera.united


Orange gerberas in a blue chinese vase
Photo: @gerbera.united


What are the Gerbera Care Tips for Florists? Follow This Guide

At a florist store, hygiene is very important to maintain the beauty of these flowers. Use clean materials, buckets, and make sure to provide a clean environment. The stems of gerberas are very sensitive to pollution. They do not drink much water and the stems can contaminate easily. Therefore, you should put them in a clean bucket with 1 liter of water and Chrysal CVBN tablets. These are available in a convenient click dispenser.


Beautiful mixed bouquet with gerberas
Photo: @summit_gerbera


Gerberas that have been pre-treated with Chrysal CVBN have a solid stem and do not require an iron wire. This wire increases the chance of rust which hurts the vase life of flowers, especially in mixed bouquets. Keep in mind that some types of gerbera continue to grow in the vase – which is something you should take into account when using it in your bouquets.


Heart shaped gerbera installation
A fresh, heart-shaped floral installation using gerbera flowers
Photo: @floreingerbera


As an alternative, you can also use Chrysal Professional 2 in your shop. It is a conditioner to keep your flowers beautiful for up to 50% longer versus water alone. This product contains just enough nutrients for the natural development of flowers whilst preventing them from opening too soon.

Growers Watch Out for These Care Tips

For growers looking to enhance the longevity and look of gerberas, incorporating Chrysal CVBN into your routine can make a significant difference. It is a powerful conditioner for cut flowers, renowned for its efficacy in combating bacteria—far surpassing traditional chlorine-based products. This superior bacterial control not only helps in reducing flower waste but also decreases water consumption, ensuring your flowers stay fresh longer. With its ability to dissolve quickly and clearly in water, Chrysal CVBN facilitates a straightforward and clean application process, making it an essential tool for growers and bouquet makers who aim for top-quality gerbera displays.


Schreurs gerbera flowers
Photo: @schreursrosesandgerbera


Whatever you do, make sure to start the right way with Chrysal’s specific products for shining gerbera flowers.

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