Royal Van Zanten publishes second annual ESG report

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Van Zanten Breeding has published its Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) report for the second year in a row. In the report, the company reports on sustainability goals and related actions, and cooperation initiatives. It also provides insight into how sustainability is monitored within Van Zanten Breeding.

Maarten Goos, CEO of Van Zanten Breeding: ‘Our sustainability vision, “We care, so we act”, has been formulated by our employees, who are passionately committed to making continuous improvements and developing new projects. It makes me proud to see so many employees committed to more sustainable processes and initiatives.’

Many of Van Zanten Breeding’s activities en route to a more sustainable future also involve collaborations with other companies in the industry. Hard work is underway to achieve the FSI ambitions for 2025. A growing number of Van Zanten Breeding’s sites are achieving MPS-ABC, MPS GAP or MPS SQ certifications.

Goos: ‘We are eager to make rapid steps on our sustainability journey, but our sustainability ambitions reach far. It is precisely in collaboration with others that we increase our sustainable impact. We really make time for that. After all, you may go faster alone, but together you get further.’

10 sustainable actions
As in last year’s report, Van Zanten Breeding reports on 10 concrete projects. Three of them are directly related to more sustainable varieties, including an initiative to develop chrysanthemums that can be transported by sea freight, reducing the footprint of transportation. Sustainable varieties are the most important asset for a breeder. Other projects deal with making packaging more sustainable, sustainable innovation trials, energy transition and social sustainability.

Royal Van Zanten’s full ESG report can be viewed on its website. A version printed on certified paper is available for stakeholders in limited editions.

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