Royal Van Zanten helps nature during World Earth Day

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On World Earth Day, employees of Van Zanten Breeding built various insect hotels and made “explosive” seed bombs. In addition, employees will be given flower seeds to take home to improve biodiversity in their environment.

Together, employees got to work creating seed bombs and building insect hotels. These hotels were not only for wild bees but also butterflies, lacewings, and ladybugs, for example, like to crawl in them to take shelter or reproduce.

The seed bombs were an interesting mixture of soil, large and small seeds, and water. Placing them in the garden or throwing them around like a real “nature bomb” creates a diversity of flowers.

This action is one of how Van Zanten Breeding fulfills its sustainability program. Working together with and for nature promotes a healthy environment but also creates a connection among colleagues.

Van Zanten Breeding’s sustainability program was formulated by employees of the company. To continue to pass on their passion, employees take responsibility themselves and turn it into action. The program is based on the vision of employees: We care, so we act. Improving the carbon footprint and damage to nature and the environment is one of the pillars.

“This idea came from the working group and could immediately count on a lot of enthusiasm from more colleagues,” says Bert Koeze, Sales Manager at Van Zanten Breeding and a member of the sustainability working group. “In addition to larger projects such as renewable energy and reducing crop protection, we also find actions like this enormously valuable.”

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