Rose Deep Purple Enchants in a Water Drop Design at Printemps Palladien …

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Decofresh is without a doubt, a key player in the cut flower industry. its representative Peter van Delft entrusted us with 1,800 stems of their Rose Deep Purple flowers with one simple directive: “Make it beautiful.” This mission resonated deeply with us at Le Printemps Palladien, as our primary goal is to create floral beauty and captivate both floral professionals and enthusiasts through elegant, original, and impactful displays.

After carefully considering the location, technical constraints, and the unique variety of roses entrusted to us, our creative team got to work. Several designs were envisioned and sketched, but ultimately, the ‘Water Drop’ design was chosen. This design serves as a nod to the flower and plant industry’s environmental challenges. While our practices are not yet entirely virtuous, significant efforts are being made to address future difficulties.

‘Water Drop’ Design Showcased Decofresh’s Initiatives to Promote Environmental and Social Responsibility

Decofresh, a renowned flower-distributing company, is acutely aware of these challenges and has implemented numerous initiatives to promote environmental and social responsibility. The company imposes specific criteria on its various production farms, ensuring ethical practices.


On the grounds of the Palladian Villa during Le Printemps Palladien, the Water Drop design stood out featuring Deep Purple roses supplied by Decofresh


While the theme and design were established, the next step was to tackle the construction of this suspended water drop, standing 2.5 meters tall. After consulting with our technical team, we opted for a metal structure covered with wire mesh and branches.

To keep the roses hydrated, we incorporated spaces for garlands of Oasis moss, a simple and effective solution for ensuring stability, excellent rose preservation, and streamlining the construction process, even if it required the efforts of eight people for six hours.


Printemps Palladien Rose Deep Purple detail
Photo by Marion J. Photography.


The roses entrusted to us were exceptional, not only for their quality but also for their color. The deep purple and violet hues of the Rose Deep Purple blooms created an unforgettable spectacle. The sheer number of questions and the variety of photos of this creation, which captivated the 6,000 visitors attending Le Printemps Palladien, were a testament to the rose’s allure.

Impressions on Decofresh’s Rose Deep Purple ‘Water Drop’ Design

This creation served as a strong identity for the event and was selected as the opening image for a TV report. It continued to enchant visitors to the Palladian villa for six days after the event, even amidst the following inclement weather. We witnessed tears of emotion in response to this creation. And that was our greatest victory.


​Decofresh’s Water Drop ​Rose Design Highlight​s the Company’s Commitment to Environmental and Social Responsibility.


Visitors shared numerous impressions of the Decofresh water drop, including:

  • Moving
  • Worthy of a luxury perfume advertisement
  • Stunning
  • Hypnotic
  • and so on…


Printemps Palladien 2024 Marcel and Gaétan
Talking about the designs to Thursd’s Marcel de Romph (left) at Le Printemps Palladien. Photo by Marion J. Photography.


One of the Most Exceptional Rose Varieties From the Decofresh Catalog

Decofresh placed their trust in us, and we, in turn, trusted them. We knew we could count on their support and their understanding of the challenges involved in such an event. That’s why they entrusted us with one of the most exceptional varieties from their catalog, sourced from impeccable production.

The unusual climate at the beginning of the season did not affect these incredible roses. Rain, wind, sun — nothing diminished the beauty of Decofresh’s Rose Deep Purple flowers.

The success of this first edition led us to schedule the dates for 2025. Printemps Palladien is planned for May 31st, June 1st, and June 2nd, 2025. Numerous innovations are currently being developed. We hope to surprise and amaze you even more with Decofresh roses at the next edition of the festival.

Decofresh’s Water Drop ​Rose Design Highlight​s the Company’s Commitment to Environmental and Social Responsibility.


Thank you to everyone for your support, your trust, and for understanding the importance of such an event for our professions.



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