Rosaprima Shares Most Loved Rose Varieties of 2023 and Teases Exciting Additions for 2024

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What matters the most at Rosaprima is being able to showcase the dedication, hard work, and of course, the resplendent gorgeousness behind every rose variety to the entire world so that everyone can enjoy the curated collections of Ecuadorian roses. Embodying the utmost care and quality standards that define their flowers, the goal is one: make roses the flower that expresses feelings of love, joy, surprisement, and ecstasy, and most of all, highlight roses as a flower that is present in every floral design and creation as a main staple piece.

The Most-Loved Rose Varieties of 2023 by Rosaprima

Going back to a recap of Rosaprima’s year in 2023, various things stood out such as their commitment to excellence in the introduction of several stunning rose varieties which took over various shows and events around the world. These roses indeed became so popular in the rose worked, that even floral designers used them to create the most spectacular floral arrangements.



Every year, new surprises are being carefully grown and tested in Ecuador to introduce roses with divine colors, petals, shapes, sizes, and many more characteristics that rapidly catch the eye of many rose lovers. With this said the varieties they introduced in the market in 2023 just came to demonstrate the reluctant beauty of each one. Time for a recap of the most popular roses of last year!


Rosaprima Ecuadorian roses


A Recap of Roses That Took Over in 2023

These roses have taken floral designs by storm, taking enter stage and becoming very popular ‘go-to’ choices for floral designers seeking to elevate their creations to new heights. From the cool and collected appearance of Rose Phoenix to the bi-colored Rose Miss Piggy boasting an outside shade of pink, slowly transforming into a peachy center, each variety offers a unique way of beautifying floral arrangements, bouquets, and overall decor spaces.

Rose Phoenix conveys just the perfect amount of poise with its creamy edges and apricot center, designed to cohesively boost diverse floral arrangements and color schemes, promising to uplift any creation. This one was definitely a top choice used among various floral designers as it has a light shade that is easy to mix up with other flowers and overall colors.


Peachy Pheonix roses

Peachy Pheonix roses


Following up as one of their most praised rose varieties in 2023 was Rose Miss Piggy. Floral designer favorite who? Yes, it’s an all-time favorite, especially with pink being a very trendy color, even in 2024. Its soft pink petals transition into a peachy color in the center, capturing the imagination of rose aficionados who have this wonderful creation in their hands.


Miss Piggy Rose by Rosaprima
Miss Piggy rose


For those in search of a classic rose that never goes out of style, Rose Sweet Memory was also very complimented during 2023. This rose lives up to its name with its medium pink tones and bountiful petals that radiate refinement, making it a go-to choice for floral arrangements.


Sweet Memory pink roses

Sweet Memory pink roses


Raise your hand if one of your faves is indeed Rose Country Blues. With its garden-like charm and berry color, it introduces a unique shape that adds softness and depth to any arrangement, earning immediate praise.


Country Blues garden rose


On the other hand, Rose Cooldown offers a gentle, undulating petal structure in a soft lavender shade, symbolizing new beginnings and introducing a fresh, tranquil element to floral compositions.


Rosaprima Cooldown variety

Cooldown variety


Reflecting the lush landscapes of summer is Rose Green Romance, swaying gently with verdant petals that bring a sense of freshness and renewal to any floral palette.


Green Romance rose by Rosaprima

Green Romance roses


To finalize this bountiful rose collection is Rose Veggie which encapsulates a fusion of careful breeding and classic rose charm. With its crisp green petals and lotus-like appearance, this rose is an attention-catcher and inspires, making it perfect for modern arrangements that push the outer limits of creativity.


Veggie Rose by Rosaprima
Rose Veggie


New Rose Varieties in the Horizon for 2024

As Rosaprima continues to redefine its affluence in the world of floral design, excitement builds for the upcoming releases of roses as well as Floraprima’s ranunculus and anemones for 2024, promising even more innovation and beauty for customers worldwide. Look out for the stunning line-up of flower additions on the horizon for this year.

For further details and to explore their entire rose collection and catalog, visit Rosaprima’s website.


Photos courtesy of Rosaprima.


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