Rewinding Flora Expo Astana

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This year’s Flora Expo Astana flower fair, which was once again organized in the capital of Kazakhstan, is already over. Many people in the industry are already busy with the next events, but I would like to look back at the fair, which was successful for me. The exhibition was organized from 10-12 April 2024. So, let’s rewind and let me inform you what happened in Kazakhstan.

Flora Expo Astana

With my company Sobolj, I again generated the necessary attention for my customers’ products. Among others, I had the opportunity to work with roses and chrysanthemums this year.

Kazakhstan’s economy has developed over the past thirty years to become the strongest economy in Central Asia. The 19 million inhabitants of the huge country — 66 times bigger than the Netherlands, or roughly ⅔rd of the surface of the USA or Europe — have benefited from its extensive oil and gas industry, which is also slowly being complemented by more sustainable activities.

Kazakhstan’s Growing Economy

Due to the strong economy, Kazakhs do have some purchasing power. Increasingly, that prosperity is also visible in the floral sector. I have no hard data on this at the moment, but in my contacts with new entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan, I hear expectant stories. In particular, I have noticed modern online retailers who are targeting not only Kazakhstan but also Russia and other countries from the former Soviet Union with their businesses. They are also developing trade with the United States, and Dubai is an important place for them too. These entrepreneurs are developing rapidly in internet marketing, content marketing, and the use of social media.

I showed these entrepreneurs how my platform Flower can reach Russian-speaking people in different parts of the world. This fits very well with their ideas and their activities. Like many, I expect that Kazakhstan will be able to grow as an important hub, also for the agricultural and horticultural sectors.

This was also evident at the Flora Expo Astana fair. Compared to last year, the fair had grown. There were more than 130 participants with stands from 10 different countries. Among the 2,100+ visitors were more than 180 owners of retail businesses.

‘Netherlands Day’

On the first day of the fair, it was ‘Netherlands Day’. In a seminar, several Dutch speakers presented their stories surrounded by colorful decorative chrysanthemum flower arrangements. The Dutch ambassador to Kazakhstan, Nico Schermers, was also present and he was kind enough to speak to the Flower Experience team for a short interview. On that occasion, we presented him with an original “men’s bouquet” made especially for him.

The atmosphere at the fair was seen as very positive by many attendees. There is growth in Flora Expo Astana and that was palpable. I am happy to join this and that is why I have already started developing the first ideas for Flora Expo Astana 2025.

About Flora Expo Astana

Flora Expo Astana is the main meeting place for professionals in the fields of floriculture, gardening, landscape design, countryside construction, and arrangement. The exhibition annually presents flowers and plants from the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers from the Netherlands, Italy, Kazakhstan, Colombia, Belarus, Kenya, Russia, Israel, Ecuador, and other countries.

The next edition of Flora Expo Astana will be held from 9-11 April 2025, again at the International Exhibition Center ‘EXPO’ at 53/1 Mangilik El Avenue in Astana. The center is located in close proximity to the Hilton Astana Hotel and Mega Silk Way shopping center.


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