Revealing the Charm and Soft Beauty of Rose Addicted 2 Love in 3,2,1…

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A rose that has recently caught every florist’s attention is now on the market. Join the revelation of Decofresh‘s most recent novelty and meet Rose Addicted 2 Love. Just by its name, you know it’s going to be a necessity for every wedding, making its way through every corner of the event to beautify it only in ways roses know. You’re about to see its delightful, beyond-delicate pink color while also finding out why floral designers are already loving it big time and how they’ve managed to use this beauty in floral arrangements.

Rose Addicted 2 Love Is Ready to Stomp its Way Into the Market to Make Arrangements Beyond Gorgeous

Bred by Interplant and grown by Ayana, Rose Addicted 2 Love made its way into the hands of renowned floral designers such as Mushegh Poghosyan, Vikens Blomsterhandel, Petri Rijsdijk, Sylvia Meier, and Giada Graziani for them to experience the shape, color, and endless possibilities of creation. Here’s what they have to say about the rose that made all their arrangements blush with a bubble-gum pink color.

Mushegh Poghosyan from byMusho Shares His Experience Using Rose Addicted 2 Love

For floral designers, there’s no better news than a new rose in the market for them to experiment and create with. For Barcelona-based florist Mushegh, the rose caused a real first impression. He says:

“The Addicted 2 Love rose by Decofresh is incredibly beautiful and I had the luck of using these wonderful roses to create a stupendous floral design. These roses are very durable and of very high quality along with their texture and shape which is also incredible! If you want to have a special and unforgettable day, decorate your wedding with these roses, or give your girlfriend a bouquet only with these roses because PS: they also smell very good.”


Arrangement and photo by Mushegh Poghosyan


Rose Addicted 2 Love Traveled to Sweden to the Hands of Vikens Blomsterhandel

Yes, you read that right! This rose is very international and was even tested out in floral creations by Swedish floral designer Vikens Blomsterhandel and here’s what she had to say about it:

The roses were really pretty and the size of Rose Addicted 2 Love was absolutely perfect. It would be indeed the most wonderful rose for a wedding.”


Rose Wedding Day in arrangement by Vikens Blomsterhandel

Rose Addicted 2 Love in an arrangement by Vikens Blomsterhandel


Petri Rijsdijk From Fiori Bloemen Gives Her Opinion

Next on giving a review about Rose Addicted 2 Love is Fiori Bloemen’s owner Petri Rijsdijk. She considers herself to be a rose aficionada at heart, so pay close attention to what this rose made her feel:

“What a beautiful rose this is, plus the quality is super great! Impressively, it almost even has a double heart in it. Rose Addicted 2 Love has been in the vase for two weeks and looks intact. It also has a nice thick head on its stem which is why I highly recommended purchasing it.”


Arrangement by Fiori Bloemen
Petri’s colleague Denise Meerts shows Rose Addicted 2 Love. Arrangement and photo by Fiori Bloemen


Florist Giada Graziani Has Only Positive Things to Say About This Rose

Passionate florist with over 26 years of experience, Dutch florist Giada Graziani has a lot to share about this rose and what her experience working with it was like.

“So beautiful that they almost seem to be made of sugar! Rose Addicted 2 Love is an elegant flower with an enchanting look to it. This rose appears to be a perfect choice for wedding arrangements, thanks to its sturdy stems and graceful flower hearts resembling skirts with their so-called turning heads. The soft light pink color, harmonizing well with various pastel shades, makes this rose an excellent foundational flower. For example, it can be combined with soft yellow, ice blue, ivory, light green, peach, and cool lilac.”


The look of Wedding Day roses in an arrangement
The combination and look of Addicted 2 Love roses with white florals is perfect


 “The exquisite manner in which the flower unfolds adds a touch of elegance to any setting, creating a lush and romantic spectacle. The petals gradually unfurl, sometimes requiring a little assistance in opening. Its character reflects the emotions and symbolism often associated with wedding ceremonies. Choosing this rose adds a subtle and refined touch to every wedding decoration, making the moment even more memorable.”


Closeup of Rose Wedding Day
Arrangement and photos by Giada Graziani


Sylvia Meijer Used Addicted 2 Love Roses for a Chrysal Photoshoot

As you can see, this rose has already been present in photoshoots and the result has been nothing short of stunning. Florist Sylvia Meijer thoughtfully shares her opinion about Rose Addicted 2 Love:

“The Addicted 2 Love rose is a beautiful full rose with a beautifully twisted heart. The soft pink color makes it perfect for luxurious and modern bridal work.”


Heart shaped arrangement using Wedding Day roses
Heart-shaped arrangement by Sylvia Meijer for a Chrysal photoshoot using Addicted 2 Love roses


Need any more convincing to tell you that the next addition to any arrangement (especially wedding ones), should be Addicted 2 Love roses?


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