Release of the 2024+ Collections Guide

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60 double pages of concrete inspirations, highly illustrated and reinforced by expert testimonials were released in March to present to all shops, the collections expected by consumers from spring 24 to spring 25.

What to Expect From This Collections Guide?

By season, this guide presents several styles to drive sales. For each style, a theme, visuals, harmonies, color codes, materials, and a plant and floral palette indicate consumer expectations. This guide also contains explanations, descriptions, and analyses of style so as not to make mistakes in taste.



Hundreds of concrete illustrations will punctuate the reading to inspire you: original creations by the best skills and creatives of all influences, products, and atmospheres.

It is also a source of new ideas for events like Mother’s Day, weddings, and Christmas focuses.

What It Is Not?

It is neither a magazine, an art book, nor a calendar, it is a real tool reserved only for professionals to organize a point of sale, a garden center, a boutique, and plan the activity throughout the year.

How These Trends Are Built?

Objectively! because it is from the analysis of sales, consumer expectations, and global trends in all markets (decoration, art of living, fashion, architecture, food, etc.) that the styles in this Collections Guide have been highlighted.

Thanks to the proven methodologies of the CHLOROSPHERE trend firm and its research partners, the major trends of the coming seasons have been highlighted in this pragmatic tool. Once this raw material was brought to light, it was illustrated by professionals in the field, and product references were unearthed from the most reactive and proactive suppliers in the sector to enable future social phenomena to be linked to products. An ideal tool for organizing in a world where consumer expectations are increasingly unpredictable.

How to Use This Guide?

At least once a month, it allows you to take a look at the current collections AND the following collections in order to prepare orders, the layout of the store but also any window displays or staging podiums. This guide was designed as a real stylist assistant and is full of advice and good ideas to make a brand the best in its area!

Who Can Use This Guide?

All points of sale that offer plants, flowers, and decorative and leisure products linked to nature. Whether you are a garden center, a direct sales producer, a landscaper showroom, a florist, a concept store, or a more traditional store, this guide will provide a lot of insight into the collections to offer to customers in simple language, direct and accurate.

Who Built This Tool?

Designed and produced by the CHLOROSPHERE trend firm, this guide is a wealth of information from the style specialist for our worlds. Published with the FlorEvent trade show, it is the guarantee of professional and cutting-edge content for the retailer, fully in touch with the market of today and tomorrow.

Also, find French experts’ opinions:

  • Joël Arquier, landscape entrepreneur advisor
  • Franck Prost, florist and TV animator
  • Cathy Lapalus, employee of a concept store
  • Pierre Fortune, Botanist
  • Steph Exanne, floral photographer
  • Teddy Grondin Weber, nurseryman
  • Vincent Grunevald, landscape designer

Everyone will shed their light on current and upcoming themes specific to their sector: production, media, landscape, flowers, and expectations of the general public. Enough to take a 360° look at our jobs!

A selection of partner suppliers also participated in the design of this work to help find the products most requested by customers: Chrysal, Delorm, Deroma, Floréac, Forest-Style, Hortisud, Oasis, Polypap, Rostaing, and Sanrival.

Nationally and internationally renowned creators have also created new compositions for this original medium and made their contribution… just like the artificial intelligence heavily involved in this edition!

How to Get Your Paper or Digital Copy?

This collection guide in premium 120-page paper version is available at the price of €33.90 including tax. (5.5% VAT + home delivery). Order on:
Or in the free digital version 60 double pages here at the ChloroSphere website. In the form, just select ‘I get this voucher from THURSD

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