Red Sea conflict reroutes more shipping to Malaga, Spain

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Ongoing conflict in the Red Sea has led to a significant rerouting of container ships to the Port of Malaga. This shift observed over the past month and a half, impacts the deep-water logistics supply chain involving transoceanic transits from manufacturing hubs in China, India, and Southeast Asia to consumer markets in Europe and North America. Traditionally, these routes passed through the Suez Canal, but recent threats from the Houthi movement have forced diversions around Africa, extending the journey by 4,000 nautical miles, increasing transit time, fuel costs, and disrupting schedules.

The Port of Malaga is now a regular stop for freight services on the major Asia-Europe-America routes, with large containers being transferred to smaller vessels for distribution within the eastern Mediterranean and Northern Europe. Port Authority president Carlos Rubio reports a month and a half of regular arrivals, with an expected increase of 150 to 200% by the end of April. Ships up to 380 meters in length from major shipping lines such as Maersk, MSC, Hapag-Lloyd, and WECC are docking weekly, with seven ships expected over the next five days.


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