Reasons to Have a Houseplant in Your College Room

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You have a lot on your table as a collegian. For instance, there are assignments to write, such as research papers, term papers, and essays. Still, you’re expected to study for your exams and participate in extracurricular activities. So, you need to create a room where you can revitalize as you prepare for activities of the next day – that room is your college room.

One of the ways to make your college room more habitable is to have a houseplant in it. You can go for the succulents and cacti – the plants are small in size and can blend with your room décor. Still, you can add vibrance to this space with a peace lily (Spathiphyllum). Examples of other houseplants you can consider include:

Let’s dive into the benefits of having these houseplants in your college room.


Picture by @Yan Krukau


Reduces Loneliness

Your years in college could be the first time you are spending away from family members, and might cause loneliness. The loneliness can develop into something huge and prevent you from focusing on your studies. You’ll lack the morale to complete assignments and studying, which will result in poor academic performance. To catch up with schoolwork, you might start depending on an essay writing service to save your grade. 

Fortunately, you can bring a houseplant from home, place it in your room, and let it act like your “green friend.” That doesn’t mean the plant replaces your family members. It just makes you feel like you’re close to those special people in your life so you can relax as you proceed with your college studies.

Improve the Quality of the Air in Your Room

Although you may not know it, the air has a lot of floating toxins – your college room isn’t an exception. For instance, various production and operational processes in and around your college keep releasing toxic substances into the air. The vehicles do the same. These toxins end up in your room in one way or another. It is thus imperative to find a way to improve the quality of the air in your room.

Houseplants have a way of absorbing the toxins in your room, ensuring you have a healthy environment for yourself and your visitors. For example, the plants’ process of photosynthesis converts carbon dioxide into oxygen and glucose. As a result, you can have more oxygen to breathe in.

Moreover, plants regulate the amount of moisture in the air through transpiration. When there is too much vapor in the air you breathe, the houseplants take it up. Conversely, they release some water when the air is too dry. In the process, you get high-quality air in your room.

Teach You Responsibility

The houseplants you put in your room need nurturing. For example, you must water them regularly. Also, you must ensure you place them in a position where they can receive direct sunlight for them to maintain their perfect look. As you take care of these plants, you also learn crucial skills, including how to take care of yourself.

First, you learn how to be patient by observing how the plants grow. They begin as small foliage and grow to become large plants. This patience becomes useful later in life when you engage in activities like starting a business – such a venture will also need time to grow.

Also, you learn the virtue of consistency and how to follow a routine. Watering or pruning houseplants once isn’t enough – you should do it consistently. In the process, you learn how to commit to what you want to do. You can apply the same consistency in doing your assignments and other undertakings.


Classroom plant decoration
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Helps Improve Sleep Patterns

Sleep deprivation has many negative effects on a collegian. For instance, it makes it difficult to concentrate in class. Lack of concentration in class means that you’ll not grasp the concepts taught, and you’ll have difficulty writing assignments and answering exam questions. Besides, sleep deprivation means your body and mind will not get adequate rest. A tired body and mind results in a lack of motivation to do your obligations, such as writing assignments, and your productivity will reduce. It is one of the reasons some collegians buy essays online; they have to find a way of preventing their grades from dwindling. 

That lively houseplant could just be what you require to improve your sleep in college. For example, some houseplants supply you with enough oxygen at night. They also release soothing scents that have a calming effect. Having such plants in your room can help you sleep peacefully and adequately.

Enhance Mental Well-Being

College comes with its fair share of stress. For example, the pressure to perform excellently can leave you stressed. Besides, you might encounter financial and social issues. You need to keep your mental health in check to attain success in college and even after your graduation. 

As you take care of your houseplant, you distract yourself from your stressors – nurturing the plants is a positive distraction. Also, the visual appeal of the plants helps improve mood. Having a houseplant could also be a reason for you to connect with other students with the same interests – other houseplant lovers. These friends you make can form part of your support network on the days you are stressed.

Increase the Room’s Aesthetic Appeal

You deserve a room where you feel proud sitting in – a welcoming space you’d want to spend the whole day in. So, you should prioritize visual appeal as you design this room. Houseplants can help you to make your college room more visually appealing.

First, the plants feel like an infusion of nature into your personal space – therapeutic! You just need to ensure the colors of the houseplants blend with the existing room décor. The calming effects of these plants make it easy for you to focus when studying.


Putting houseplants in your college room has many benefits. They improve air quality, teach you responsibility, reduce your loneliness, and help improve your sleep patterns. Moreover, they add visual appeal to the room and improve your mental health. Transform your college room with that beautiful houseplant!

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