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Innovation and happiness are paramount at the family-run company Forever Plants. That this applies to their beautiful products should be obvious. It also applies to the quality of cooperation with customers and suppliers. To monitor this properly, Forever Plants uses Log & Solve’s quality reporting tool at their cultivation locations in ‘s-Gravenzande and Honselersdijk (the Netherlands). Robin de Zeeuw is responsible for the cultivation in Honselersdijk and works there with the quality reports.

‘In the past, we had a quality system in Excel. Due to developments in our organization, we did not manage to have the correct data continuously. At that time, we started looking for a user-friendly and simple system that works quickly and clearly. We found that in Log & Solve,’ says Forever Plants’ cultivation manager Robin de Zeeuw. ‘The cooperation is running very smoothly due to short lines of communication and personal contact.’

Reporting linked to lot map
Forever Plants has been working with Log & Solve’s dashboard for over two years, mainly using the quality reporting tool. The grower has linked a unique ID to each batch. For each cutting supplier, the quality requirements and quantities a batch must meet are determined. After the entry control of a batch, the batch is potted.

The quality data in the dashboard are linked to the unique batch ID from a logistics tool that communicates with each other in real time. ‘So we always see where the lots are and what properties are attached to them. Every week we do a quality check on the newly potted batches,’ continues De Zeeuw. ‘With the built-in quality protocol specifically for cuttings and for import material, we can give the batches a reaction. We want to deliver quality and so does a supplier with us. We provide feedback on every batch delivered using a quality report with stars. That way, you can expect each other to put quality first and we can switch quickly if it turns out differently.’

Third parties are also logging on
Forever Plants has been conducting resilient cultivation trials with crop protection specialist Koppert for almost six months. A third-party account has been created in Log & Solve for Koppert, so they can monitor the cultivation trials themselves and log their observations and findings. De Zeeuw commented: ‘We can easily assign rights per user and therefore also work with third parties on continuity, development and improvement.’

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