Promoting healthy eating among women workers in Ecuador’s flower sector

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Seipasa, a Spanish company specializing in the development, formulation, the production of bioinsecticides, biofungicides, biostimulants as well as nutritional treatments for agriculture, has carried out a training initiative on nutrition and healthy habits for women workers in the flower sector in northern Ecuador.

The workshops, held between December 2023 and February 2024 in the provinces of Pichincha and Carchi, represent an effort to improve the quality of life of this working community, which plays a major role in the country’s economic activity. Ecuador is the world’s third largest exporter of flowers, with a value of more than USD 1 billion.

The training has enabled 120 women aged between 18 and 40 who work in the country’s floricultural companies to improve their eating habits and practices at home.

It should be noted that the floriculture industry in Ecuador employs mainly rural women, who are also responsible for feeding their families in a context where 20% of children under the age of 2 suffer from chronic malnutrition, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses, INEC.


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