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Intriguing projects await you on myThursd! Proceed to log in to be among the first ones to pitch on them. Among the projects you should be on the lookout for, are projects from Decorum Plants and Flowers. Being a consortium of more than fifty Dutch growers, committed to the production of quality products, it’s your time to work with their premium brands of products.

Whether you are a floral teacher, with consistent master class sessions, or you run a floristry school; these projects are for you! On myThursd there is an opportunity for you to meet new and interesting advertisers who need your help. So, what exactly is Decorum experience, read on to find out!

Decorum Experience

Decorum experience is a well-crafted project on myThursd. The target audience for this project is creatives with a flower school. The ideal situation is for you to be a Decorum ambassador, using its products. Together with your students, you will sample different products within Decorum’s umbrella, curate designs, and promote the Decorum brand, both offline and online.


Project of the week Decorum experience


Whether you are an advanced florist or a beginner, Decorum is open to reviewing your proposal. Check the project titled Decorum Experience on myThursd for details and subsequently pitch on it for consideration.

Incorporate Decorum Products in Your Floral Master Class

Planning to have your floral master class coming weeks or months? Probably you need a floral supplier or partner to collaborate with, Decorum is looking for you too! Through this project, you are set to elevate the experience of your participants by giving them quality products to work with.


Decorum products for your masterclass


Through its vast assortment, Decorum requires that you choose and work with some if not all of its products for your master class. Offer your review and those of your participants in the process. The end goal is for you to be a promoter of Decorum products not only through your master class but also for future and long-term collaboration with the organization. Log on to myThursd, review this project, and submit your pitch and Decorum will get back to you for a detailed discussion.

Not Only Decorum, More Advertisers

Decorum is just a highlight but there are more advertisers and creatives alike on myThursd who need your help. There are several unique projects for everyone within the platform.


Scented Orchids from Decorum


Visit myThursd and browse in it, to identify projects that are of interest to you. Remember to share the platform with your network to invite more creatives who would love to work on a project. myThursd is your floral meet-up spot, where you get a chance to collaborate, work on interesting projects, and get paid.

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