Pro Expo Is the Exhibition and Event Service Company for IFTEX 2024

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The build-up phase in any exhibition is normally overlooked. While the beauty of the booths and the flowers take center stage during an exhibition, we often do not shine a light on the companies and people behind the scenes. One such company is the Kenya exhibition and event service company, Pro Expo. Today, the spotlight belongs to them, one because they made Thursd’s booth simplistic yet exquisite and intriguing in every aspect!

But they did not build only Thursd’s stand but also the booths of Ball SB Kenya and the rose breeder United Selections. So, what goes into stand building, branding, and timelines in readiness for the exhibition, read on to find out how Pro Expo excels in the field.

Welcome to Pro Expo

Pro Expo, an exhibition and event service company from Kenya, distinguishes itself by understanding its vision and dedication to its clientele. Every client is treated as part of their growing family and not considered part of any other project. Sheetal More, who is the company’s director reckons that;

“We prioritize building lasting relationships with our clients, viewing them as integral members of our expanding family rather than just projects Our distinguishing factors lie in our emphasis on quality, unwavering commitment, and a strong sense of professionalism which every team member share and have the same vision.” 


Sheetal More, Director of Pro Expo


When it comes to any event, there are so many aspects at play. From organizing your team, products to be showcased, and logistics. Finding a partner to take care of your booth needs and aesthetics is crucial. This takes the weight off your shoulders to enable you to focus on other aspects of the exhibition and for you to be ready on time.

Pro Expo at IFTEX 2024

Pro Expo pulled off amazing and eye-catching booth designs during the IFTEX 2024 for Thursd and two other exhibitions; Ball SB, and United Selections. For Thursd, Sheetal and her team understood our aim to create a booth with booth a minimalistic yet luxurious touch, and with a blend of Thursd’ corporate colors and the brand’s logo, the stand was magnificent. Many visitors were impressed with the outlook of our booth, with most of them being drawn into it, with lots of curiosity too!


Pro Expo
Pro Expo’s team working at Ball SB’s booth


Ball SB was already engaging the services of a floral creative from myThursd for the arrangement of flowers and vases within their booth. However, Pro Expo’s initial booth design, though also minimalistic complimented well with the floral designs laid out by Alina Neacsa, who was in charge of floral arrangement and vases within the Ball SB’s booth.


Pro Expo
United Selections booth designed by Pro Expo at the IFTEX 2024


United Selections, went for an exquisite 3D design but nothing is too complicated for Pro Expo’s team, with their vast experience and continuous research to better serve its clientele. Feedback is important for continuous improvement and the company prides itself in always following up with their clients during and after the show to gather feedback and review of their services. Feedback enables them to identify existing gaps and strategize on how to improve their services for the future.

What’s Next for Pro Expo

The company is looking to enter into international markets both within and outside the African continent. They are confident in their drive, reliability, and standards, and a great team should be felt and experienced in any event around the world. Interested in Pro Expo and its services, visit their website to learn more and in touch with them.


Pro Expo


For us here on Thursd, we are excited and looking forward to what Pro Expo will do for our booth during next year’s IFTEX. We will share everything with you then!

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