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The California Spring Trials (CAST) 2024 has come to an end. Yesterday, the final locations closed their doors. Despite the early timing of the event, because Easter falls early this year, it seems to have been a good edition again, as the vibes were positive. Curious to see what was on display? Click here to check out the photo report and below a sneak peek.

Bart Hayes of Westhoff with the new Calibrachoa Caliloco Frankenberry. They were presenting their varieties at the Green Fuse Grove location in Somis.

40+ companies spread over 11 locations
In total, more than 40 companies, including propagators and suppliers, spread over 11 locations, showcased their new potential and existing varieties and concepts.

Haim Rosenblum, Eyal Kleinberger, and Eyal Inbar of Hishtil at Suncrest Nurseries in Griggs Nursery (formerly Suncrest Nurseries). They closed their doors on March 24.

6-day event
Over the years, we have seen that increasingly more companies are presenting their varieties together with other breeders. This, in turn, resulted in a gradual decrease in the number of locations and also made it possible to make it a 6-day event instead of a 2-week event, which it used to be in the past (then the event was known as the Pack Trials). This year, CAST was a 6-day event. However, many locations decided to open their doors for four days. So, some started on day one of the event (March 19), while others started one or two days later but remained open till the last day of the event (March 24).

Ori Danziger of Danziger, presenting their varieties at Headstart Nursery in Gilroy, with Cascadias Fantasy Hot Pink Imp.

Earlier than usual
This year, CAST was taking place a little earlier than usual, as Easter falls earlier this year. Inevitably, this meant that it took more effort to let the plants flower on time. However, it seems that many succeeded and that the vibes are high. For the breeders, it is the moment of the year when they can show their new, potential, and existing varieties.

Individually, with colleagues or clients, or in large organized groups in different settings, growers, brokers, retailers, plant buyers (and more) travel to California to visit the trials along the coastline. It leads to a good flow of visitors with peaks during the day. However, every company has to deal with busy and slow days, depending on the location. Many visitors work their way south or north, so the companies exhibiting at these ends have had a busy start and expect busy final day(s). In turn, the days in between have been very busy for the ones located in the middle of the route.

Doug and Tucker Cole of DS Cole Growers visiting the American Takiii location in Salinas. They visited the trial locations across the California coastline and shared some of their highlights with us.

Click here for more pictures and an impression of the event.

Keep sending in your pictures!
Have you exhibited or visited CAST, and do you have some pictures to share? Feel free to send them our way, and we will include them in our Photo Report of the event.

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