Pet-Friendly Houseplants Safe for Cats and Dogs

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There are quite a few risky houseplants out there that can be dangerous for your cat or dog. But who says you need to choose between your love for your green friend or your four-legged furry friend?

Houseplants That Are Safe To Bring Home to Your Furry Friend

Even though some pets ignore the green, there are always a few stubborn rascals who do want a plant-based diet. By choosing one of these pet-safe plants, you are assured that you keep those poisonous houseplants far far away from your precious (furry) sprouts. Finding houseplants safe for both cats and dogs can be a real challenge, that’s why this list is a start to keep your plants and pets happy. This way you feel confident to leave your leafy friends and furry fellas at home together.

1. Calathea

You could say the Calathea is a real ‘classic houseplant’ in our homes for many years already. No surprise if you consider that this plant is very animal-friendly. The Calathea Lancifolia, Calathea Rufibarba, Calathea Medallion, Calathea Orbifolia are great options to green up your living space and create a smile on your pet’s face.

Image courtesy Balcony Garden Web

2. Palm

Almost none of the palms in the palm family is poisonous for pets and petites. The Areca palm, Licuala Grandis or Kentia Palm are pet-friendly alternatives of the Cycas palm or Sago Palm (which are highly toxic and poisonous a.k.a. the black sheep of the family).

Pet-Friendly Houseplants Safe for Cats and Dogs - Licuala Cordata - on thursd

The Licuala Cordata Palm

3. Musa

With this green plant, you bring the jungle feel into your home. It does have a very sturdy appearance, but don’t let that – or your pet – scare you off. Secretly all Musas have a soft spot for furry friends. The Musa ‘Dwarf Cavendish’ is for example a perfect companion for you both.

Pet-Friendly Houseplants Safe for Cats and Dogs - musa 'dwarf cavendish' - on thursd

Image courtesy Patch Plants

4. Fern

Ferns may just be the all-around safe houseplant for cats and dogs. These may remind you of the dense tropical jungles where wildlife migrates through the ferns. But soon it can be your four-legged house friends that sneak past these pretty fern leaves because they are very pet safe.

Pet-Friendly Houseplants Safe for Cats and Dogs - Nephrolepis or Boston Fern - on thursd

Boston ferns (Nephrolepis Exaltata) Image courtesy The Spruce

5. Pilea

Who doesn’t like pancakes? Nobody! So your pets love them too and their love will be returned by this Pilea Peperomioides.

Pilea Peperomioides - Pet-Friendly Houseplants Safe for Cats and Dogs - on thursd

Image courtesy of Pilea Peperomioides: The Planty Life


6. Sedum

The recent years the popularity of succulents has grown in leaps and bounds. This beauty is not only popular amongst humans but can also be added to the furry friend favorite list. Sedum Morganianum, Burro’s Tail, or Donkey’s Tail is a completely safe houseplant for cats and dogs (and horses for that matter).

Pet-Friendly Houseplants Safe for Cats and Dogs - Sedum Morganianum- on thursd

Image courtesy of Sedum Morganianum: Love Houseplants

7. Spider Plant

Sturdy, safe, and stylish… Sider plants are appropriately named for their eight-legged look. If you love hanging basket plants, the Spider plant is a perfect match. This way it might be safer for your furry friend too because those long, dangly stems can be really enticing to cats.

Pet-Friendly Houseplants Safe for Cats and Dogs - spider plant - on thursd

Image courtesy Spider Plant: Red Book Mag

Editors note: Whilst these houseplants are not fatal to pets if eaten, they can still cause stomach problems. It is always best to try and keep any plant away from your pets. Most smaller plants can be kept in a hanging basket which is a great option if you have particularly curious cats or dogs who love munching on anything they can find.

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