Peonies grown in Sivas with imported roots from the Netherlands are in high-demand in the region

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Five years ago, Nurettin Otyakmaz, planted the peony roots he brought from the Netherlands in Sivas. Now he started harvesting more and more peonies every year, which has become a very popular flower with its beauty and scent. It is used extensively in weddings, celebrations, and decorations. The grower is delighted with the profits he made from peony growing. The products are grown in an area of ​​approximately 3 decares in the Gemerek district and are known as the symbol of purity and innocence.

Nurettin Otyakmaz states that the growing process is not that difficult and the income is quite satisfactory. He grows products in three colors: pink, white, and fuchsia. Otyakmaz: “This year, we harvested approximately 20,000 flowers, and the yield is very good. Peonies are very suitable for this climate. I brought the roots from the Netherlands. It is a plant that loves the climate of this region. It needs the cold of winter, and there needs to be frost. Our city exactly has this type of climate.”

Otyakmaz said that he usually handles the work alone and recommended to his friends in the area to start a business like he did.

Source: Karar

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