Panama Canal Authority to increase daily transits to 32

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The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) announced a scheduled maintenance at the Gatun Locks from May 7 to May 15, which will reduce the number of daily transits at the Panamax locks from 20 to 17. Following the maintenance, measures to increase daily transits to 32 have been outlined in response to improved water levels after last year’s drought.

From May 16 to May 31, transits at the Panamax locks will increase to 24, with Neopanamax locks facilitating 7 transits, totaling 31. Starting June 1, Neopanamax lock transits will rise to 8, achieving a total of 32 daily transits. Additionally, from June 15, the maximum draught for vessels at the Neopanamax locks will be increased to 13.71 meters, up from the current 13.41 meters. This adjustment is based on analyses of water availability and the implementation of water-saving measures, including the efficient use of water from Lake Madden (Alhajuela) and recent rainfall.


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