Our new light works well in limited mounting height and high humidity installations

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RAYN Growing Systems introduces the Inaro horticultural grow light. The company states that it is a highly configurable and affordable lighting solution for vertical farming, as well as other indoor and greenhouse applications. The low-profile light bar is designed to daisy-chain multiple fixtures into a grid, multi-bar, or linear installation. Inaro is suitable for wall and rack-mounting systems within 6 in. to the crop, It draws only 50w per fixture, and is available in four unique lighting spectrums for fruiting / flowering, vegetative, and propagation stages of growth.

According to the Rayn team, the Inaro bars offer many possibilities for indoor farmers of any size. Up to 10 Inaro fixtures can be used in custom configurations for multi-tier racking, vertical greenwalls, inter-canopy lighting and more. Lightweight and narrow, Inaro fixtures are easy to install, and come with a 5-year warranty.

Inaro fixtures are offered in four color spectrums optimized for a variety of indoor growing applications. Custom spectrums are also available upon consultation with Rayn Growing Systems.

• R80 – An optimal and efficient spectrum, designed for inter-canopy lighting in greenhouse applications
• R60 – A versatile spectrum designed for both sole source and supplemental applications for a wide-ranging number of crops with different growing methodologies
• R50 – A full spectrum designed for both sole source and supplemental applications with broad photosynthetic active radiation (PAR) coverage, for maximizing plant expressions and morphology
• R40 – A cost-effective solution for general growing

CEA Regional Sales Manager Mike McGrew commented, “Inaro is an affordable horticulture light fixture designed for vertical farming and multi-tier racking applications. With its modest power draw, the fixture emits very little heat, and works well in a limited mounting height and high humidity installations. Inaro is quite versatile, and can be utilized as sole-source, supplemental, or inter-canopy lighting, either as a single fixture, or assembled in an array of multiple fixtures for more intensity, uniformity, and coverage. Its form factor, and the four unique spectrums RAYN provides allow for coverage of a variety of crops, and a wide range of applications.”

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