Orchid and Summer Flower Galore at Keukenhof

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Two of the busiest spots at Keukenhof are probably the Beatrix Pavillion and the Oranje Nassau Pavilion. These are the places where the visitors especially walk in for a showcase of the finest ‘other’ flowers and plants, such as an array of beautiful summer flowers and a dozen orchid species in a multitude of varieties and colors.

Sure, the outside gardens are a spectacle to behold. All those millions of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and more are a feast for the eye in the world’s most beautiful spring garden. But there are many gems out in the open when you walk into the pavilions of this immense park.

The Orchids Treasure Hunt

Walking into the Beatrix Pavilion every visitor is challenged instantly with the following puzzle: “Find all 12 species of orchids”. If you enter the contest you might win a prize, but the treasure hunt alone is an adventure.



If you’re into orchids just a tiny bit you should recognize species like Phalaenopsis or Cymbidium, but — without giving all away in this article — it gets more difficult looking for a Cambria or Oncidium, not to mention all those species that are really exotic and out of the ordinary. And every species is represented by countless varieties, so imagine yourself walking around in a jungle of joy.


Phalaenopsis selfies at Keukenhof Orchid Show


Paphiopedilum at Keukenhof Orchid Show


Once you’re in the mood with all this beauty, it is hard to withstand the temptation to buy a few of these beauties for your home, because the small shop inside this building sells a wide assortment of orchid varieties and colors. Impossible to pick just one!


Phalaenopsis glitter ball at Keukenhof Orchid Show


Summer Flowers Galore

Where the orchid plants will hold easily during the eight weeks of Keukenhof, the summer flowers display is refreshed every single week. This gives its exclusive supplier Rotoflowers from Aalsmeer an excellent opportunity to showcase its entire assortment during the eight weeks of Keukenhof.

Rotoflowers general manager Arie van der Plas first introduces his company:

“Our company is a specialized importing company that sources summer flowers for almost five hundred big and small customers. Two or three times a week we receive deliveries of fresh cut summer flowers from dedicated growers in Zimbabwe, such as Bupleurum, Ammi majus, and Solidago. And we also get flowers from Kenyan growers and Antirrhinum (snapdragon) and Ageratum from our own cuttings in the south of Spain.

I would like to emphasize that Rotoflowers is an independent company. We are not owned by or a member of any big conglomerate. So, we have the freedom to supply to any exporter, bouquet maker, and retailer who wants to get top-quality summer flowers.”


Rotoflowers Arie van der Plas
Arie van der Plas from Rotoflowers


The summer flowers have a special place in the Keukenhof’s Oranje Nassau Pavilion. On a small podium, visitors walking by pause to admire these flowers they might have seen in their own garden, somewhere in a meadow, or in a lush field bouquet. They are flowers that stand out in their own way because many are often seen as filler flowers, but leaving them out dearly degrades the arrangement.


Summerflowers by Rotoflowers at Keukenhof
This week’s Rotoflowers display at Keukenhof


Why Rotoflowers Participate in Keukenhof

So why does Rotoflowers participate in such an international project as Keukenhof?

Van der Plas:

“First and foremost: We believe it is important to show that the Netherlands is the beating heart of the global flower industry. And many people see the link between flowers and Keukenhof. We support the role Keukenhof plays in the promotion of Holland as a worldwide floral leader, showing the joy that flowers bring.

Next to that, we benefit from our participation, because we can send our relations to Keukenhof, where they also see our products. This creates goodwill. And honestly, it is wonderful that we can offer people who work at Rotoflowers to go visit Keukenhof with their families. This creates loyalty for our company.”


Rotoflowers at Keukenhof


What is there to be seen at Keukenhof from Rotoflowers?

Van de Plas:

“The assortment of summerflowers we show varies per week, although the basis of Bupleurum, Eryngium, and Solidago is constantly there. During the eight weeks, we showcase our vast assortment, like the Hypericum, Aster, Allium, Ageratum, Craspedia, and so on.”


Bupleurum arrangement by Rotoflowers at Keukenhof


More Than Tulips

It will be clear by now that Keukenhof is much more than the big tulip show that is taken all over the world in the hearts, minds, and Instagram accounts of 1.4 million visitors. There is more to this park in the large pavilions that also make Keukenhof definitely worth your while.


Keukenhof banner

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