One Chair—Three Accents

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When most of us picture a piece of furniture, such as a sofa, we see its form and maybe a fabric and color. But when an interior designer imagines a piece of furniture, they see a Technicolor composition that tells a story about the piece and the space where it might reside. And because they keep a library of upholstery patterns, hardware and trims, dressmaker details, and wood finishes, each designer has a distinct point of view on their application and combinations.

We’re asking designers to share their takes on a piece of furniture and reveal three possibilities we might not have considered. We provided a selection of furniture pieces and asked that one design include a botanical (we are FLOWER after all). And we’re starting with chairs. After all, if the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that we spend 6-8 hours a day sitting, we should do so in comfort and style.

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