Octoflor – Spreading its Tentacles to Connect Worldwide

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Octoflor emerges as more than just a flower company — it’s a global nexus of connection, a hub where cultures intertwine and unite through the language of flowers and well-being. With roots spanning continents and petals reaching across oceans, Octoflor transcends mere commerce, binding individuals, communities, and nations together. Come along on their thrilling path to learn how and why connecting is one of the most important core values for them.

Octoflor Has a Clear Mission – Spreading Its Tentacles to Connect the World

As Octoflor rises in the flower industry, so do their tentacles, the supreme part of the work they do to be present around the globe. But what is the meaning behind this special name? The octopus is a highly malleable sea creature that can change color, shape, and form at will to adapt to ever-changing conditions. Just like an octopus is perceptive, clever, inventive, and inquisitive, they are a company striving to do implement the same core values.


The amazing hands of Octoflor members packing flowers


Octopuses can stretch out and multitask on their own thanks to their eight tentacles, many hearts, and brains. All of these attributes are also present in Octoflor since the company strives to meet your needs without sacrificing dependability or quality. Tentacles that work together (Octo) and quality flowers delivered worldwide to make customers and people joyful (flor).


Octoflor team members at the office


Their vision and strategy is to foster connections between individuals and groups within the international horticultural community, digitize the sector, and come up with creative ways to make produce accessible to those who value it. They don’t want to lose their personal touch in this increasingly digital world. This is the foundation of their business: providing that unique personal touch with first-rate service, which is crucial right now.

So, the goal is one — stick together as a team to be able to reach out to as many customers, resulting in happiness through flowers.

Octoflor – A Dynamic Force

Reaching across continents and embracing every aspect of the floral journey with a personal touch that sets them as a team apart, Octoflor is a dynamic force. The diversity in the activities performed by the company never ceases to amaze everyone. From the sun-drenched fields of Kenya, where new flower varieties are discovered while crafting impeccable packaging solutions, to the buzzing offices where orders are detailedly handled and invoices managed with precision. Even at the Nairobi airport, their dedication to quality shines through as every flower undergoes rigorous inspection.

Meanwhile, Matti Arielle, their director traverses the globe, from the rugged landscapes of Australia to the impressive vistas of Tasmania, strengthening bonds with clients while indulging in the thrill of adventure on two wheels. Not stopping there though…


Matti Arielle from Octoflor
Matti Arielle


Mati Arielle traveling around the world


Their commitment and hard work extend to the serene Swiss mountains, where road trips through Europe lead to heartfelt meetings with valued partners. Through every step of the ordering process, the company infuses enthusiasm and a positive attitude, ensuring that each flower carries not only beauty but also a personal connection, making the experience of receiving them a true delight.

Sourcing Solutions for the Flower Industry

Under the leadership of Director Matti Arielle, the unique approach to sourcing solutions for their clients in the flower industry is crucial. At the heart of their strategy lies the fusion of human touch and strategic reach, symbolized by the octopus’s adaptability and tentacles.

Octoflor combines human expertise with the adaptability and reach of an octopus, operating on the ground everywhere, ensuring they have a physical presence in key locations. This allows them to stay closely connected to the flower farming process, understand local nuances, and establish strong relationships with suppliers.


Working hard to deliver quality flowers


Moreover, they actively engage in farm visits and manage logistics firsthand. By physically being present at farms, they gain valuable insights into cultivation practices, quality control measures, and environmental factors that can affect flower production. This hands-on approach enables them to ensure the highest quality standards for their clients.


Octoflor worker at the farms


Despite the serious nature of their business, they inject a sense of fun and adventure into their operations. Whether it’s hopping on adventurous trips to various parts of the world or organizing team-building activities, they prioritize enjoyment and camaraderie among their team members. This not only fosters a positive work culture but also enhances creativity and innovation. Lastly, they provide firsthand exposure to different markets, cultural practices, and emerging trends, helping Octoflor stay ahead of the curve in the competitive flower industry.


Octoflor staff at exhibition on Thursd
Part of the joyful Octoflor team


The team’s spirit is the holy grail and from there everything works. Being reachable, approachable, and available is key. By listening to the customer’s needs, constantly adapting, and learning to solve each puzzle, they’re doing a great job in reaching the top. To know more about their journey in the flower industry, visit Octoflor’s website.


Photos courtesy of Octoflor.


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