Octoflor Revels in IFTEX Glory and Targets Wider Global Reach With Susta…

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Octoflor, the premier flower-sourcing solutions provider, has continued to affirm its position as an important player in the global flower trade, a feat exemplified by its recent presence at the International Floriculture Trade Expo (IFTEX). The success of Octoflor’s participation in the event held from June 4-6 in Nairobi, and organized by HPP Exhibitions — which presented a platform to showcase Kenya as a crucial player in the global flower trade — was evidence enough of the company’s fast-growing status.

At the 2024 IFTEX, Octoflor — which won silver in the best stand design awards at the event — made the most of the opportunity to network, connect, and showcase its services. And this was a key statement of its growing prominence. At its conclusion, the floral fair proved to be a success for the company as it leveraged the platform presented to strengthen its existing relationships across the flower world and create many more invaluable connections with several other suppliers and customers from around the world. 

IFTEX Was a Success in All Aspects for Octoflor

At the 2024 IFTEX, the Octoflor team was able to network extensively, exploring working collaborations and pooling resources on innovative solutions to cater to the ever-evolving demands of the global flower market.


Kenya’s Principal Secretary for Cabinet affairs, Idris Dokota (left) awards Matti Arielle (right), the founder, and director of Octoflor at IFTEX 2024.


Notably, the 2024 floral fair witnessed a surge in participation, with a reported 25% increase in both exhibitors and visitors compared to the previous year, highlighting the growing interest in the event, and its significance as a premier platform for the international cut flower industry. This sentiment was echoed by Octoflor. The company, also made significant gains, reaching this additional prospective customer base, according to Danielle Spinks, who is in charge of the company’s media and communications segment.


Octoflor Basks in IFTEX Glory and Targets Wider Global Reach With Sustainable Floral Solutions
The Octoflor team


Danielle Spinks, Media and Communications:

“IFTEX was a good moment to network and connect with suppliers and customers alike. It was a busy week and potentially a larger reach as 25% more exhibitors and visitors attended. Octoflor is now well known and our focus is to now spread our reach even more.”

For the floral sourcing company, according to Danielle, the busy and lively atmosphere of the event provided a fertile ground for creating and nurturing new partnerships, strengthening existing ones, and gaining valuable insights into the latest trends shaping the flower industry. And Octoflor seeks to make the most of these insights in the coming days.


Octoflor Basks in IFTEX Glory and Targets Wider Global Reach With Sustainable Floral Solutions


Focusing on Europe

Europe is a potential market that Octoflor now targets, after its continued success in delivering Kenyan flowers to the world. With a renewed focus on strengthening its presence in the European market, the company is now actively exploring new avenues to enhance its sustainability efforts and streamline its operations. 

As part of its expansion strategy, the company is now focusing its attention on the region which is a key market for its services by strengthening its relationships with European suppliers and customers, and in doing this, increasing its market share in the region.


Octoflor Basks in IFTEX Glory and Targets Wider Global Reach With Sustainable Floral Solutions
Octoflor team members.


It intends to achieve this in different ways. For starters, Octoflor is looking at more sustainable packaging solutions by exploring the implementation of eco-friendlier packaging solutions, such as kraft sleeve packaging and Octoflor-branded boxes. These are intended to reduce its environmental footprint and cater to the growing demand for sustainable floral products.

All these efforts are in response to the currently developing trends, and the fact that consumers are now more inclined towards investing in and using more sustainable products and solutions in the flower industry. Yet, Octoflor has long been committed to sustainability, recognizing its crucial role in the long-term health of the flower industry.


Octoflor Basks in IFTEX Glory and Targets Wider Global Reach With Sustainable Floral Solutions


Digitalization for Efficiency, and New Farms for Diversity and Wider Supply

Additionally, Octoflor is enhancing its digital infrastructure to improve customer ordering processes and overall operational efficiency. Enhanced digitalization, Daniele says, is a key priority for the company as it allows for better service delivery to customers, enabling the company to serve its clients better and respond to their needs in real-time. As such, leveraging technology to deliver seamless, customer-centric solutions that set the company apart from the others in the industry, is a key strategy.


Octoflor Basks in IFTEX Glory and Targets Wider Global Reach With Sustainable Floral Solutions
Octoflor director Matti, with Danielle Spinks, welcome PS Dokota when he visited their booth at IFTEX 2024.


Octoflor’s growth ambition still extends further. The company is actively working to onboard more, new farms to its wide network. This will further expand its supply and offer even greater diversity to the customers. The idea epitomizes the importance of differentiation in the supply chain, and achieving this means Octoflor further expands the range of high-quality flowers it delivers to its global clientele. This tactical move aligns with the company’s vision of becoming a one-stop shop for all floral sourcing needs, catering to the diverse preferences and requirements of its ever-growing customer base.


Octoflor Basks in IFTEX Glory and Targets Wider Global Reach With Sustainable Floral Solutions


Thus, when everything is taken into account, and going by its impressive performance at IFTEX and its growing focus on driving sustainable growth, Octoflor promises to be an even more dominant force in its line within the larger international flower industry, redefining the way flowers are sourced and how their beauty is experienced.

Photos courtesy of Octoflor

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