Nova Vita and Golden Blossoms shine in Spring decorations in Romania

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United Selections’ latest collaboration with Alina Neacsa:

The spirit of Easter and springtime is captured by International Event Designer Alina Naesca. She decorated the halls of the Bethlen Haller Castle in Romania, giving us a glimpse of the Nova Vita and Golden Blossoms of rose breeder United Selections. Together, they aim to innovate and bring forth exquisite blooms and decorations that inspire joy and beauty in every bouquet.

So, what makes golden blossoms so special? Nelson Kimathi, Marketing Manager at United Selections: “The golden blossoms, with their brilliant, yellow flowers, are particularly beloved during Easter celebrations worldwide. These flowers, which are frequently seen as representations of joy, rebirth, and enlightenment, are wonderfully encapsulated in the 16th-century castle.”

“The petals of the NovaVita provide a feeling of peace and calm, acting as a moving, gentle reminder of the season. Alina Neacsa evokes the mood of calm and serene atmosphere at the glance of just one image making it a relaxing and therapeutic way to view life in its majestic mystique.”

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