NL: Wooning Orchids launches new company name World of Orchids

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Phalaenopsis Nursery Wooning Orchids from Bleiswijk (the Netherlands) has adopted a new company name and tagline: World of Orchids – Where Happiness Grows.

Past and future
Following the takeover of Green ’05 in 2021, the company’s direction has gradually changed. It is now totally focused on growing Phalaenopsis 12cm for the retail market, and several organizational changes have taken place. Nowadays, Arco van der Kaaij is the owner of Wooning Orchids, and the Wooning family is no longer working for the company. For this and other reasons, the company decided to change the company name.

The name World of Orchids and the tagline Where Happiness Grows refer to both the past and the future. The word “World” also appeared in Wooning Orchids’ previous tagline, “World of varieties.”

Phalaenopsis for retail
At its nursery of over 10 hectares in Bleiswijk, World of Orchids grows Phalaenopsis 12cm, focusing on a strong and high-quality assortment. When selecting the assortment, the focus is mainly on 2- and 3-branch plants. Future expansion to other pot sizes or shapes of Phalaenopsis is not ruled out. The coming year, the focus will be on further improving cultivation and quality.

Matching house style
The new name is supported by a new house style for the company. The house style is designed to encapsulate the company’s vision, the quality of the product, and beautiful images from the nursery. The new branding can be seen on the nursery’s facade.

For more information:
World of Orchids

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