NL: Which packaging prices will change from Monday 1 July 2024?

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Raw material prices have hardly changed in the recent period and do not give cause to change the prices of single-use packaging. From Monday 1 July 2024, Royal FloraHolland will only adjust the price of Fc654 (Amaryllis box). They always set this price at the beginning of July and it applies for the coming Amaryllis season.

All changes as of 1 July 2024 can be found in the Code and price list.

Packaging codes new low reusable support shelving (Fc595)
To introduce the new low reusable support shelving for on flower bucket Fc588, they have added three packaging codes to the code and price list:

Packaging code Description Dimensions (mm) Deposit Rental price issue Rental price return by supplied Rental price buyer (ex kickback)

Support shelving medium low

400x270x185 € 3,- € 0,24 € 0,12 € 0,12

Fc588 + support shelving (Fc595)

400x270x450 € 7,- € 0,56 € 0,28 € 0,27
Fc990 Fc588 + 2x rack (Fc595+Fc598) 400x270x680 € 10,- € 0,80 € 0,40 € 0,39

Flower box Fc519 out of assortment from 16 July 2024
The old Fc519 will go out of assortment. Until 15 July 2024 you are able to return the old Fc519 boxes (without Fc520 stickers) to us while retaining the deposit. Returning them after this date is of course still possible, but the company will no longer reimburse a deposit. Do you have customers who still have these boxes in their possession? Then ask them to return them now. That way you can avoid problems.

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