NL: Weterings Machinery replaces diesel hand tractor for electric variant

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Nick Weterings

“Diesel hand tractors in greenhouses—technically, they aren’t allowed, but their use is tolerated for the time being. However, it’s time for alternatives,” says Nick Weterings of Weterings Machinery. Currently, many ornamental and vegetable growers, who cultivate directly in the ground, continue to use hand tractors for various tasks such as shredding crop residues and tilling the soil.

Fortunately, alternatives like the electric hand tractor are becoming available, Nick Weterings further explains.

“The Labour Inspectorate visited us previously to inquire about our developments. Two years ago, we began working on the development of the electric hand tractor.”

On May 24th, Weterings Machinery invited open-field growers and contractors to experience the electric hand tractor firsthand. “We had 70 people in attendance, and we received some very positive feedback,” he says.

Diesel engines for this power class are no longer being produced. “We still have a stock of 15 diesel engines, but once they’re gone, that’s it,” Nick says. However, there is no need to panic as existing diesel hand tractors can be converted to electric. It’s something to consider, according to Nick.

The electric version of the hand tractor, which qualifies for the Energy Investment Allowance, has been field-tested for over a month at Beyond Chrysanthemum and Novastar Lilies. These tests have been successful, Nick reports. “It’s a good alternative for floriculture and vegetable growers who currently use diesel hand tractors.”

Wetering Machinery will be present at Greentech next week and can be found at stand no 2.400

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