NL: Westland agrees to underground freshwater storage pilot

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There will be a COASTAR project in Kwintsheul, at the Hooghe Beer, in greenhouse horticultural area Broekpolder. This is a pilot project in which excess fresh rainwater will be stored underground. It will be used as irrigation water for greenhouses during dry periods.

It ensures that less underground water is taken compared to the current method, reverse osmosis. In reverse osmosis, suspended solids, organic matter, pathogens, viruses and bacteria are filtered out of the water through a thin membrane. Coastar is predicted to reduce subsoil salinization and subsidence. Reason for the Westland Municipal Executive to agree to the start of the pilot, according to college decisions on week 26.

Before teh project actually starts, the province of South Holland, and the Delfland district water board also still have to agree.

More information about Coastar can be found on the project website.

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