NL: Waterdrinker Flowers establishes new import line from Ecuador and Colombia

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After nearly two years of intensive research, testing, and selecting the right partners, Waterdrinker Flowers has successfully established their own import line from South America. “This offers numerous benefits to our customers; we can deliver flowers of the highest quality, enable customers to load at a single address, provide cost-effective pricing, and communicate transparently and fairly,” the company team says.

Why an import line?
From the market, the company observes a high demand for roses. Despite being one of the most sold flowers globally, rose cultivation in the Netherlands is decreasing. There is a shift towards South America, where energy and labor costs are significantly lower, and the quality of roses is unparalleled. This is due, in part, to the higher light intensity and the occurrence of warmer days followed by colder nights. This not only strengthens the roses but also results in thicker stem formation and beautiful, large bud development. Many of our customers are purchasing in South America through other parties and have expressed their interest in doing so through Waterdrinker. This motivated Waterdrinker to explore the possibilities for their own import line.

Traveling with customers
“To establish our import line, we partnered with a Spanish importer, creating a mutually beneficial collaboration. While our Spanish partner has the right contacts and experience in flower importation, we bring knowledge of various market demands. By combining our strengths, we can provide our customers with a unique and attractive assortment. With our Spanish partner, we identified farms that would be most interesting for our customers. Subsequently, we invited several wholesalers to join us on a trip to Ecuador and Colombia to visit the selected farms. It was a special and valuable experience, both for our customers and us, one that we look back on with great pleasure,” they recount.

Utilizing the contacts of their Spanish importer and the feedback from their customers, Waterdrinker Flowers curated a beautiful selection of imported flowers. This includes not only roses but also a variety of other flower types (such as carnations, gypsophila, and ranunculus). “In the future, we hope to establish an import line in Kenya to further expand our offerings. Our goal is to continue growing and providing the best trade and service.”

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