NL: Trade Fair GrootGroenPlus 2024 to be held at the same location

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The 34th edition of trade fair GrootGroenPlus, which will be held on 2-4 October 2024, will once again take place at Treeport 402, located at the Business Centre Treeport (BCT). Last year, the trade fair took place at this site for the first time, and it is now clear that the fair will also be held at this location in 2024. The GrootGroenPlus facility will once again be fully demountable and assembled in its entirety along the main axis of the BCT. There is ample parking space and outdoor areas for showcasing machinery and installations.

Focus on visually appealing products
While the exact layout and content of the trade fair are still being finalized, it is already certain that it will be another exceptional edition. Additional budget has been allocated by the European Plant Support (EPS) foundation to bring over a group of foreign buyers, and products for retailers, garden centers, landscape contractors, and visually appealing products will receive more attention. Another initiative is focused on inviting European buyers from various garden center chains. More information about all of this will be announced in the coming months.

As a green platform, GGP has been the place to be for years when it comes to a wide assortment, including of course the more traditional forest and hedge plants. GrootGroenPlus and the warm atmosphere are a “unique combination” in the trade fair world. There is a lot of focus on greenery, and plants take center stage; everything is available. From seeds, cuttings, or grafts to standard trees, forest trees, and park trees, but also fruit crops, perennial plants, visually appealing plants, conifers, shaped trees, roses, and rootstocks.

International visitors
Of course, efforts will be made this year to attract international visitors and participants. For example, through the in-house news site, about ten foreign trade journalists have been asked to write two articles about arboriculture in their country and about an interesting green project. The top ten companies from each of these countries will also be approached for participation and/or attendance.

Of course, there will also be a fully organized three-day press excursion for a group of 20 foreign journalists. And traditionally, they will attend the internal press trip on the Wednesday and the external press trip on the Thursday of the fair.

In anticipation of the fall edition of the trade fair, a special edition of the KwekersBode will once again be published. This eighth edition will be released at the end of June and will contain plenty of coverage of the participants and products; with the trade fair theme In the Picture, there are plenty of opportunities. Readers can delve into topics such as container cultivation, the consequences of the extremely wet winter, and bee mortality. The KwekersBode will be published in two languages and will be available digitally (distributed to >18,000 email contacts) as well as physically (circulation of >53,000 copies) and publicly posted on the website and social media.

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