NL: “The bulbs that are available are sold against very high prices”

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Challenging tulipseason

It is a difficult year for the tulip, with fewer bulbs available than usual and considerably high prices for the tulips and tulip bulbs that were available.

In an earlier interview, Ronald Arkesteijn of Zyon said that fewer bulbs are available, partly due to the weather conditions. So, generally demand exceeds supply. This creates an overstrained market, with tulips on the auction sometimes being sold against prices that are almost twice as high as usual.

At WAM Pennings, too, they notice that it is a challenging year for the tulip. Allan Visser says: “The season is a bit disappointing this year. It is a difficult year with lower yields due to the weather conditions. When it comes to the Dutch tulips that we bought, there are quite a few cancellations, or sometimes only half of it is delivered. A logical consequence of low availability is that the bulbs that are available are sold against very high prices. Compared to last year, which was not that good either, this year is not much better. We can’t say too much about next year yet, but we hope the 2025 tulip season will be a lot better.” At the WAM Pennings nursery, the tulip season runs until about mid-August, the exports continue until the end of this year.

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Ronald Arkesteijn
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