NL: Qualily presents own packaging; Florist Box

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Last week, Qualily launched its Florist Box. “In this new box, our high-quality lilies are also easily recognizable by wholesalers and their customers: the florist!”

Transport of lilies in boxes is becoming increasingly common, especially when it comes to long distances by air transport. Raymond Vijverberg, co-owner of Qualily, says: “We notice that the market appreciates our brand and associated brand promise of high quality. Previously, our brand was not visible in the standard boxes that were used. This is now changing with our own Florist Box. This way we are easily recognizable and wholesalers and the florists who purchase from them know at a glance that they are dealing with our quality lilies.”

“We package our lilies according to the customer’s wishes at our own distribution hub at Royal FloraHolland. From this location, we can quickly supply the trade with a beautiful, custom-packaged product, which significantly reduces the lead time.”

For more information:
Heulweg 33a
2295 KA, Kwintsheul
[email protected]

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