NL: Pleasing gerbera sales thanks to early Easter and ‘good flower weather’

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For each gerbera, an average of 25 cents was paid in March this year, according to figures from Royal FloraHolland. With a supply that was only slightly higher than last year (+3.3%), this resulted in a revenue increase of nearly 22%. In other words, a gerbera was, on average, 18% more expensive than last year.

An important factor in this is the early Easter combined with “good flower weather,” says product manager at Royal FloraHolland, Ferry Haring. “Because English Mother’s Day (which fell on March 10 this year) and Women’s Day (March 8) almost coincided, the weather was still gloomy and gray, and Easter came early, the higher pricing persisted, and March became an excellent month for flowers.”

A similar situation occurred for, for example, the freesia or, even more so, the ranunculus (which was 46.4% more expensive, against a slightly lower supply of -6.7%). For large product groups such as the rose, the pricing was variable (in terms of units, revenue, and average price comparable to last year) and the sale of chrysanthemums was even somewhat disappointing. The tulips were really expensive, being sold for 32.4% more expensive against a significantly lower supply (-17.2%).

As for the gerbera, the market sees the sector shrinking year after year. The number of growers is steadily decreasing, mainly due to closures and mergers. Looking at supply numbers, there are now only 23 left, Ferry says. The ratio of auction-direct sales has fluctuated around 30-70 in recent years, with the largest buyers being Germany, England, and France.

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