NL: Optimization in planting tissue culture plants through automatic planting

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AllPlant specializes in the production and rooting of tissue culture plants. The Heerhugowaard-based company supplies perennials to professional growers as rooted young plants. According to the company, this has made them one of the larger suppliers in Europe.

Customers in countries outside Europe can get stage 3 plants delivered directly from the laboratory to take care of rooting the plants in plugs themselves. The sale of the AllPlant assortment in North America is in cooperation with Green Trade Horticulture, which can supply a complete range of tissue culture stage 3 plants.

The AllPlant team states: “To be at the forefront of quality, AllPlant has always focused on process optimization. One example is the TTA FlexSorter that automatically sorts all rooted young plants before they are delivered to customers. To continue to meet this demand, the sorting capacity will be expanded with a second sorting machine, later this year.

Besides grading, planting tissue culture plants in plugs is a labor-intensive process. To realize more uniformity, AllPlant has recently had 2 robots installed for the automatic planting of tissue culture plants. This has realized a quality improvement because only qualified plants are planted. At the same time, AllPlant has adjusted the process in the laboratories. These special modifications have made the plants even more suitable for automatic processing. As a result, AllPlant decided to purchase three more robots. The TTA CuttingEdge planters are capable of processing 2,500 plants per machine per hour.

From the beginning, TTA’s focus has been on the processes of plant handling and plant selection. Good solutions in these can only be realized through intensive cooperation with the grower. It’s important that each other’s interests are well understood and that there is trust. That has certainly been the case with the family business AllPlant. When it comes to being passionate and continuing to work with each other until the right solution is found, TTA speaks the same language. That makes collaboration not only necessary but also great fun.”

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