NL: New participant will showcase its Sunshapers at the Flower Trials

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June 11 -14

At this year’s Flower Trials, Schreurs will show its new assortment of outdoor gerberas. The company is a new participant in the Flower Trials. The Flower Trials will begin on June 11th until June 14th. Their presentation will be held at Hoofdweg 81, De Kwakel (the Netherlands).

The company, which has been active in breeding gerbera and rose cut flowers for decades, decided to take on a new challenge in 2016: creating a gerbera plant suitable for outdoor use. After selection and testing procedures, the first collection was introduced in 2023.

The company states: “With the Sunshapers outdoor gerberas, Schreurs has developed a plant that is resistant to various weather conditions. The plant blooms from early spring until first frost. Two specific series have been developed: the Endless- and the Tropical series.

The ‘Endless series’ is known for its long-lasting blooming, with the plant producing flowers from early spring until the first frost. This characteristic makes the Sunshapers outdoor gerberas ideal for those who want to enjoy beautiful flowers in their garden throughout the entire season. On the other hand, the ‘Tropical series’ offers robust plants with flowers that remain blooming on the plant for an extended period, providing a colorful and vibrant appearance.”

They add: “The main goal of Schreurs is to develop resilient garden outdoor gerberas that offer a high resistance to diseases and weather conditions, including several degrees of frost”, said Ronny Egberts (breeder at Schreurs). “Additionally, we aim to create garden gerberas with larger and more filled flowers”.

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