NL: More branding for better position Westland greenhouse farming

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The position of greenhouse farming in Westland is under pressure. To counter this trend, various plans have been formulated recently. The municipality intends to focus more on ‘branding’ and ‘positioning’ the “strong Westland brand,” as detailed in the Westland 2024 Framework Memorandum. Over the next four years, the municipality plans to allocate €180,000 annually for this initiative.

Special attention will be given to the issues of labor migration, energy consumption, and (water) pollution. Alongside branding and positioning, Westland aims to make a firm commitment to the housing of labor migrants—both on a large scale and on company plots—the construction of heat networks, and drilling for geothermal energy.

The memorandum details the municipality’s plans in official language: “These initiatives will enhance our positioning at strategic tables, facilitate the conclusion of partnerships that enable higher-level decision-making in favor of horticulture, and invest in Westland’s image and reputation.” The municipality also aims to “clarify the contributions Westland makes to the economy and society.”

Westland is experiencing growing international interest. Consequently, it plans to invest in internationalization. For instance, participation in the World Expo in Osaka is deemed crucial. The document states, “In addition to investments from the national government and participating companies, we are also expected to contribute. By organizing strategically, we aim to replace several MoUs (Memoranda of Understanding) with a structural network that Westland initiates worldwide.”

It has already been announced that Westland is investing €80 million in the realization of the Flora Campus in Naaldwijk. The municipal council is scheduled to review the framework memorandum on July 3, 2024.

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