NL: Luiten Nursery greenhouse sold to Kwekerij Maron

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Luiten Kwekerij has sold its greenhouse at De Hoefslag in Pijnacker (the Netherlands) to Kwekerij Maron. As a result, all activities, including growing yuccas, dracaenas, and Mediterranean plants, will be centered in the greenhouse on Lange Campen on the other side of the village.

“When we started using the new greenhouse on Lange Campen two years ago, the plan was already to sell the greenhouse on Hoefslag,” owner Jeroen Soeterbroek explains. “However, there were no interested parties at the time. As a result, we expanded our range, primarily with dracaenas that we take over from nursery Reijm Nieuwerkerk, which was planning to cease operations.”

Yet, about two months ago, Aron van der Burg of Kwekerij Maron showed interest. He had been planning to expand for some time, and recently decided it was time to make a move. So the two gentlemen got talking, and the deal was quickly settled.

For Kwekerij Maron, the purchase of the relatively new greenhouse—Luiten built it in 2017—means that two rental gardens can be divested, and that the entire operation can become more centralized. Additionally, the grower recently took over the cultivation of zamioculcas from nursery Athomeplant, which will cease operations on May 1, 2025.

Behind the scenes, they are already busy setting up the zamioculcas plants so that customers won’t experience any inconvenience during the takeover. Kwekerij Maron will also receive advice from Athomeplant for another two years to ensure that the quality remains high.

For Luiten Kwekerij, it will be a matter of measuring things up as they slightly reduce the cultivation area. For the time being, however, it should be manageable, Jeroen says, and if space becomes an issue, there is still room to build. However, now there are no plans to do so.

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