NL: Keukenhof flower gardens open to the public for eight weeks

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The Keukenhof bulb gardens near Lisse open to the public on Thursday for the 75th jubilee edition of the hugely popular tourist attraction.

The gardens at the Keukenhof attract some 1.5 million visitors a year during its brief, eight-week displays of blooming lilies, tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and crocuses.

In total, some seven million bulbs went into the ground last October for this year’s spring show, which will run until May 12.

The Keukenhof first opened its doors in 1949 when bulb growers and exporters came together to discuss a way to showcase their wares. The first Keukenhof show, in 1950, was an immediate hit, with some 236,000 visitors. The number of participating growers has gone up tenfold to 100 since then.


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