NL: J&P ten Have introduces smartwatches at the workplace

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This spring, J&P ten Have embarked on implementing the OPUSWatch at their two locations. OpusWatch enables the recording of labor actions with the press of a button, providing a better insight into the cost price.

“We have been looking for a system to make labor registration easier,” explains Gerard van Deventer, one of the owners at J&P Ten Have. “It was essential for us that it’s user-friendly and that employees wouldn’t need to walk to terminals. By chance, we came across the OpusWatch, which at that time was mainly used in the cut-flower sector.”

After testing, the OpusWatch smartwatch application OPUSEasy was validated. Subsequently, both locations at Kreekrug and Herenwerf (the Netherlands) were equipped with the system. Now, every employee can easily record information.

Meanwhile, there are ongoing conversations with other potted-plant growers to gain better insight into the costs of preparing orders, says Stefan Persoon from OPUS Solutions. The Opus smartwatch would also be perfectly suited to present concise order information to employees while simultaneously displaying the costs of an order.

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