NL: Hofland Flowering Plants receives the ‘Purveyor to the Royal Court’ designation on its 125th anniversary

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Hofland Flowering Plants received the predicate ‘Purveyor to the Royal Court ‘ on Friday 21 June 2024 at the 125th anniversary celebrations. This makes them the first Westland greenhouse horticulture company to be allowed to carry the Royal Coat of Arms with the addition of ‘By Royal Order purveyor to the Royal Court’. Deputy King’s Commissioner for South Holland, Meindert Stolk, presented the certificate to the Hofland family in the presence of Mayor Bouke Arends. Frans Hofland, third generation and now 91 years old, unveiled the coat of arms.

Photo: Municipality of Westland

Hofland Flowering Plants
The family business was founded in 1899. The company, which was founded by Jan Hofland, was initially involved in fruit cultivation. Later they became also engaged in the cultivation of cacti, tomatoes and cucumbers. The company was led successively by Goos senior Hofland, Frans Hofland, Goos junior Hofland, and Peter Hofland. Today, the company grows almost year-round Schlumberger, supplemented by Dianthus, Calibrachoa, Argyranthemum and Checkies. The company management is carried out by the fifth generation: Annemiek and Frank Hofland. Hofland Flowering Plants invests in sustainable ways of growing, such as green inhibitors, natural gas-free and basic organic crop protection. The ‘Purveyor to the Royal Court’ designation is the result of 125 years of craftsmanship.

‘Purveyor to the Royal Court’
Currently, around 720 companies in the Netherlands are purveyors to the royal court. To qualify for this designation, a company must have existed for at least 100 years, and its origin must be clear and demonstrable. Only small and medium-sized enterprises qualify for the designation. A company also has to be of local or regional importance, its behavior has to be impeccable both legally and economically. Dutch King Willem-Alexander may then grant the right to bear the Royal Coat of Arms with the addition ‘By Royal Order purveyor to the Royal Court’.

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