NL: Growers connected to Westland heat network

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“All in all, it was quite a job to eliminate all the risks”

Last week, two more companies were equipped to be connected to Warmtenetwerk, Westland’s heat network. During this process, the delivery sets were tested as well. As of now, Lans Tomaten Maasdijk ,and Roy Batist of Batist Gerbera’s are ready to go.

When testing the delivery set, various components are tested. For instance, temperature and pressure sensors, pump settings, control valves, flow measurement for the amount of heat, the coupling of the delivery set, and the horticultural computer for climate control in the greenhouse. And last but not least: the fault contacts, shares Warmtenetwerk Westland in an update expressing special thanks to Quetech who supervised the connection work. “All in all, it was quite a job to eliminate all the risks.”

Recently, the first growers were also given an introductory course on heat trading, which they will soon take place via the network.

The ambition with Warmtenetwerk Westland is to reach a capacity of 500 MW of heat by 2030. This enables two-thirds of the heat demand of greenhouse horticulture in the Westland region to be natural gas-free.

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