NL: “Flower trade faces a few tough weeks”

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Tulips have skyrocketed over the past month. As evidenced by the sales figures from Royal FloraHolland for the past month, a significantly lower supply resulted in significantly higher prices. “An average price of 21 cents is really incredible, considering that a grower with an average price of about 14 cents already has a great season. There were even days when they went for 30+ cents, which is unprecedented.”

We spoke with a couple of flower traders, both serving customers throughout Europe from Aalsmeer. “Due to an exceptionally wet winter, there has been a lot of loss. This likely means that we will see shortages again next year. Because demand was much greater than supply, prices on the spot market went through the roof, and because there were shortages in the futures market, that added even more fuel to the fire.”

Because bulb growers couldn’t access their land, many bulbs were drowned. In addition, there was also high virus pressure. “Add to that the fact that Easter fell very early this year, so the peak demand came very early too. After Easter, my customers don’t want tulips anymore, and my colleagues are experiencing this as well. This is disadvantageous for the product that comes next, but on the other hand, customers also just need volumes, and we see that the current prices are actually not that crazy.”

“Tough weeks” ahead
Because Easter and Mother’s Day are so far apart, the trade is now facing “a few tough weeks.” “There’s a significant gap, and therefore, very little is happening at the moment. Normally, peonies follow tulips, but these are not yet available. Once you’ve had that rush, then come the hydrangeas and the real summer flower assortment. A better spread of all those holidays helps to market products well, and in that respect, this year is quite exceptional.”

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