NL: Ecuadorian delegation represents Latin America at the ‘B for Good Leaders Summit’

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Nearly 20 entrepreneurs from Ecuador, representing sectors such as flowers, bananas, tourism, and finance, participated in the ‘B for Good Leaders Summit 2024’, an international forum held in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This Summit brought together over 1,500 business leaders that promoted a more equitable and regenerative economy. According to Sistema B Ecuador, the Ecuadorian Triple Impact Delegation was the ninth-largest delegation, and the largest from Latin America.

The Ecuadorian delegation at the B For Good Leaders Summit 2024

Among the Ecuadorian leaders, five of them participated as speakers in various sessions, sharing their expertise and perspectives in the summit’s agenda:

  • Rocío Velarde from Citibank Ecuador, presented on ‘B Corps and Sustainable Finance’
  • Eduardo Letort from Hoja Verde participated in the session of ‘Meet the CEOs’
  • Diego Ochoafrom ATUK, discussed ‘B Corps & Beyond’
  • Rebecca Braak from Rebecca Adventure Travel, and Renato Solines from Hotel Carlota presented ‘Using Tourism as a Force for Good’
  • José Ignacio Morejón from Sistema B Ecuador, participated in the general plenary at the beginning of the event. He shared his vision of a more just, equitable, and regenerative world.

The delegation held over 100 individual meetings with global leaders, sharing resources, ideas, and strategies. According to Sistema B Ecuador, these interactions are expected to lead to partnerships that generate value and interdependence to achieve objectives that will positively impact society and the environment. In alignment with this, the Ecuadorian Trade Office in the Netherlands, Pro Ecuador, states that it strengthened its ties with a prominent Dutch solar energy company, supplier to the Ecuadorian B Corp J3M Global. Additionally, connections were made with investors to address Ecuador’s current energy crisis.

Furthermore, the Ecuadorian Ambassador to the Netherlands, Andrés Terán, met with ‘B for Good Leaders’ founders Marcello Palazzi, and Leen Zevenberg. Ambassador Terán remarked: “It was a great pleasure and a source of pride to accompany the Ecuadorian delegation at the ‘B For Good Leaders’ Summit in Amsterdam. These companies are clear and tangible examples of the sustainability efforts and practices of the Ecuadorian industry.”

José Ignacio Morejón, Executive Director of Sistema B Ecuador stated: “We believe in fostering connections between leaders with like-minded ideas who share a common purpose of making this world a better place, alleviating poverty, and regenerating our economy.”

The Beurs Van Berlage venue was adorned with 1,000 roses from the Ecuadorian B Corp Hoja Verde to exemplify the ethical and sustainable practices certified by B Corp and Fair Trade. The Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism also contributed by providing toquilla straw hats for the delegation leaders.

The Triple Impact Delegation includes:

  • José Ignacio Morejón, Executive Director, Sistema B Ecuador
  • Sandra Reed, Partner at Pérez Bustamante y Ponce and Board President at Sistema B Ecuador
  • Saskia Izurieta, Board Member, Sistema B Ecuador
  • Rocío Velarde, CEO, Citibank Ecuador
  • Juan José del Valle, CEO, J3M Global
  • Darwin Ramírez, Vice President, Tecniseguros
  • Nicole Roodenburg, Business Development Manager, Nunalabs
  • Renato Solines, CEO, Hotel Carlota
  • Rebecca Braak, CEO, Rebecca Adventure Travel
  • Eduardo Letort, General Manager, Hoja Verde
  • Diego Ochoa, CTO, ATUK
  • Isabel Freile, General Manager, Revalue
  • Matthieu Mandon, Latbio
  • Gabriela Baus, Bonita Republica
  • Aldo Hakman, Nunalabs

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Sistema B Ecuador
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